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Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove boardwalk, Honnavara

Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove boardwalk is probably Honnavara's most popular attraction. It takes visitors through a well paved walkway in the middle of mangrove forest and into Sharavathi river. For a small entry fee (Rs 10), visiting Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove forest is a wonderful way to experience nature, greenery and water combined.

Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove boardwalk is located about 3 kms from Honnavara city center, right opposite the Eco beach. (while driving from Honnavara towards Bhatkal, turn right to enter Eco Beach and turn left to enter mangrove walkboard.

There was limited parking in the area- one of the entry path was closed- probably it was too slushy for vehicles to pass through. The other part was open- about 5-6 cars and space was full. Managed to park in remaining space.

There is a shop selling ice creams and snacks. No other facilities available.
We walk into the board walk, nice wide brown coloured bridge with wooden planks on all side make it a colourful proposition to walkthrough, with river water below amidst the mangrove trees. A few display boards are in place to educate visitors about the fauna and flora of mangrove forests.

After walking for about a km, we came out of the walkway. Just when we thought we were done and need to go back, we learnt about part B of the board walk- a  small island like spot was connected through a bridge and we could take a circular walk inside. I would say it is a bonus track.

There were a few boats but in damaged condition. Probably some boating in the river will be offered for extra fee once the boats are fixed.

Walk carefully and hold your devices firm. If it slips below into water, recovery is going to be complicated. Wooden plants in the bridge have open gaps so it is easy to get stuck there with a high heal, so be careful.

Approx time to spend: 1 hour

Watch a video [Youtube link]

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  1. Hii, How long did the total walk take, from and to the starting point ?

    1. About a km/20 mins one way depending on how fast you can walk. You can return from any point.


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