Best of Jan-June 2021 from enidhi India - eNidhi India Travel Blog

Best of Jan-June 2021 from enidhi India

A quick snapshot of most read and most commented posts from my blog, during first half of 2021

  1. Hidden Gems of Mulki - Most viewed post in my blog during 2021 so far. Mulki is often ignored as a tourist destination by those visiting Mangalore & Udupi. If you have half a day to spare, do explore these gems in and around Mulki.
  2. Houseboat Experience in Kodi Bengre: Udupi also has a houseboat and we took a ride in April. This post shares all the details for you to plan your houseboat expedition in Udupi, without having to go all the way to Kerala.
  3. Venue S+ is an underpowered car? Addresses concerns of potential Venue buyers worried about less power. Understand how much power we need and what you gain/lose with power
  4. Venue S+ PDI checklist: Custom Pre delivery inspection checklist for Venue S+ buyers. Can be used for other cars with some modifications
  5. What is keeping travel bloggers busy?  Find out what a dozen + bloggers did during the pandemic...
  6. Tata Motors unpleasant booking experience : Reasons why I didn't buy a tata car despite booking, waiting for months and doing PDI
Some of my personal favorites:
Which one did you like the most?

I didn't have lots of travel in first half of 2021- 2-3 months were lost in lockdown. Had a short visit to Mangaluru, a trip to Sakaleshpura, another bike trip to Kuduremukha, one trip to Bengaluru & Chennai and another trip to Shivamogga, probably around 4000kms total. Wrote about 75 posts in 6 months- almost at par with 2020 record but lower than overall average.

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