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Reset in Thailand: Best international destination to visit this year

Thailand is one of my favorite destinations and I have visited Thailand about3times so far. Once in 2011, later in 2013 (7 days 2000 kms bike trip across northern Thailand) and again in 2018 (Phuket, Phi Phi island).

I still have many parts of Thailand on my wish list as destination pending to be explored. Thailand as a tourist destination is exciting because of multiple reasons
  1. Cheap flights from India. At times it was cheaper for me to fly to Bangkok than visit Leh/Ladakh from Chennai. I have had return tickets for under 6000 INR at times.
  2. Easy Visa. Compared to all other countries in South East Asia, Thailand has easiest visa norms. Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia all have a bit more complex visa process. 
  3. Affordable destination. An Europe trip will burn deep holes in your pocket. Thailand is lot affordable. Trip to Thailand costs almost same as a domestic package within India. 
  4. Tourism focused economy: Thai Economy is tourism focused, so they understand the importance of tourists. Even though there is language barrier, people know basic English and getting some service is never a problem. Operations are fairly streamlined. Once you select your package local tour operator comes to your hotel at designated time to pick you up, they take you to destination and drop you back. You don't have to explain things or worry about various aspects of the trip.
  5. Culture: Thailand is full of temples and heritage. Each temple has its own charm.
  6. Food: Foodies can feast in Thailand as the options are unlimited. Even for pure vegetarians it is manageable.
  7. Nature: Pristine beaches, nice islands, waterfalls, cliffs, hills- Thailand has everything
  8. Vehicles to rent: I rented a scooter in Phuket and explored it on my own. It was so convenient. Indian driving license is good enough in Thailand to rent a motorbike or car. Vehicle rental process is more complicated in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam etc
  9. Tender coconut: Thailand grown tender coconuts are exported all over the world. I have had Thai tender coconuts in UK, Bahamas, Canada, US and many parts of the world. Most coconuts are consistent in size and taste.
  10. Numerous entry & exit points: You don't necessarily have to arrive in Bangkok all the time. Fly in directly to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi and various other destinations across Thailand and explore.
It is not without reason that Thailand is referred to as #AmazingThailand

It has been couple of years since my last visit to Thailand. I had a ticket last year but didn't happen due to covid. Thailand is slowly looking to reopen and invite international guests, starting from Phuket island. Read a detailed guide for Phuket here. I am done with my first dose of covid vaccination in June and second dose is due in August. Hopefully from September we qualify to travel to Thailand. I am hoping to reset my International travel with Thailand #ResetInThailand 

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