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Rat/rodent damage to cars: Precaution & tips

Rats and other rodents spoiling car interiors, wires are a messy affair. They cause massive damage and inconvenience. Thanks to lockdown many vehicles are not moving much and are serving as safehouse for rodent population.

What can be done to protect our cars from rodent attack?

1. Have a pet cat: Cats are natural defense against rats. Just having a few cats in the home or neighborhood would deter rats. If rats sense presence of cats nearby they prefer not to come close. Even cats can smell rats from a distance and try to catch them, giving you enough hints about rodents around. Get a pet cat for your family or feed few nearby stray cats and half the problem is solved.

2. No food inside car: It may be very convenient to have some food while going around in your car. But food leftovers or the mere smell of it is enough to attract rats into your car. So as much as possible avoid eating food inside the car. Even if eaten, clean properly with vacuum cleaner and spray some perfumes to nullify the smell of food.

3. Hygiene: Keep your surroundings clean. No sewage lines, no trash etc. If the area is clean, probability of rats goes down.

4. Anti rodent sprays & gluepads

5. Anti rodent ultra sound machines: These machines cost 3000-5000 Rs and make some sounds that deter rats. These are fixed in the engine bay and are powered by cars battery.

6. Keep the engine warm: Start the engine and run for a while. Warmer engine bays are difficult to enter so rats may stay away

7. Check your car once a while: Walk towards your car in the middle of the night and see if you smell or sense movement of any rodents, tap on the bonnet once a while to make any hidden animals move, open the engine bay and check if you see any broken wires or any poop or any signs of rodents staying there. Earlier you detect, easier it is to solve the problem or take precautionary measures. Once rodents chew lots of cables and make the car non-movable, fixing it requires even more money as the vehicle will have to be towed to service center.

8. Rat traps: Keep some food in rat traps little away from the car. If rodents get trapped in this, your car is safer. But the side affect of this method is that the food may attract 5-10 rats while only 1 can be trapped in the rat trap. Rest may learn a lesson and attack something else.

9. Underbody shield: It is possible to add an underbody shield to your car. It won't completely close the engine bay but only gives them much lesser space/entry/exit points. Underbody shield adds to weight so drops your fuel economy. Also underbody shield can protect the car belly from huge speed breakers or such hits. Side effect: Once inside rats will have lesser space to go out as well.

10. Peppermint oil & pepper spray: These are said to repel rats. Try your luck.

11. Spray water and clean regularly: Spray high pressure water from pipe under the car- it might force rats to move away.

Which one has worked for you? Have you tried any other ways? Do share...


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