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Apsarakonda waterfalls & marine park, Honnavara

Apsarakonda falls is a nice popular waterfalls near Honnavara, Uttarakannada. It is about 4-5 kms from Highway hence easy to access and a popular attraction in Honnavara area.

I had visited Apsarakonda last year August, but at that time it was closed citing covid. But this year from July govt has opened up most tourist places and hence we found Apsarakonda falls open when we visited recently.

Apsarakonda falls is about 7 kms from Honnavara city center. Public transport is not available till the falls. You may get it till highway and either take an auto or walk last 3-4 kms.

A parking fee of 30 Rs was collected per car. There was no ticket to enter the waterfalls.

Reaching Apsarakonda waterfalls needs walking down the steps- about 100-150 approx and you will be greeted to this nice view of falls.

Name Apsarakonda is derived from Apsara (angel) and Konda (pond), meaning a pond for angels. May be divine angels used to take bath here.

Waterfall area is suitable for family and kids- not so deep. But expect huge crowd most of the time as this is one of the popular waterfalls in the region and all tourists know they can come here and take a bath.
Watch a short video below [Watch on youtube]

Apsarakonda Marine Park
Once up from waterfalls, you can head towards the Apsarakonda Marine Park. Marine park has a viewpoint, few exhibits and resting area. Marine park has an entry ticket of 10 Rs per person.

The viewpoint:

We can get nice view of the ocean from here. Below is the view I got during rainy day

Walking trail with exhibits

A well maintained walking trail takes us deeper into the forest with lots of artificial insects and animals kept on display. Chimpanzee seemed to be most liked animal by visitors. Everyone wanted a selfie with the chimpanzee. 

A bit further we found a old by stylized building which was locked. My guess is it is being used as an administrative building. In front of this building was nice sitting area, garden and more. It was possible to walk further into the woods, but we returned from here
Slightly closer view of Arabian sea is visible from here.

A shop available near parking area selling snacks and refreshments.

Overall the visit to Apsarakonda was worth it. If possible visit on a weekday before October/November and enjoy the falls. Doubt if water levels will sustain December/January onwards.

June 2022 Update: Visited in June, early monsoon season. Falls had water but very muddy

Apsarakonda in July 2nd week-muddy water is gone…


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