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Tall & handsome Pali Sattari (Shivling) waterfalls, Goa

Pali Sattari waterfalls, also known as Shivling Waterfalls, is a nice waterfall deep in the western ghats somewhere close to the Karnataka border in Goa. Pali waterfalls can be reached with a diversion when you have planned a day trip to Chorla ghat side from Goa.

We diverted towards Pali Sattari Shivling waterfalls after returning from Chorla ghat- many waterfalls on Karnataka side was closed so Shivling falls was one of the main attractions for us that day. We followed the map and reached parking area. Locals collect 100 INR for parking and as you begin your trek Forest department check post collects 100 INR per person in entry fee.

The trail to waterfalls is fairly moderate- some crossing streams, climbing etc are involved. At few spots you might get confused how to proceed- if lost or not sure wait for few minutes for someone to show up and take their help. Markings are put on trees where to turn at many spots but we still had some confusion at a few spots. Took a chance and proceeded.

It was a weekend and many groups were carrying boxes full of food items to have at the waterfalls. On the way we spotted a small waterfalls.

Main Pali Sattari Shivling waterfalls was another 300-500 meters away. The Shivling waterfalls is tall, powerful and has a safe to dip pond below. Tourist crowd was fully enjoying the shower.

Pali Sattari Shivling waterfalls visitor Information:

  • Map link (on map search for Shivling waterfalls, as Pali Sattari doesn't show any result)
  • About 50-55 kms/1.5 hour drive from Panaji/Madagaon
  • Pali waterfalls has a parking fee of 100 INR per vehicle and forest department entry fee of 100 INR per person.
  • Pali waterfalls need 30-45 minutes of trekking from the parking area, in the woods, crossing streams. Difficulty is easy to moderate- normal adults can reach the falls area without any issues
  • Time required: About 1.5 -2 hours trekking (both ways, 1 hour at the falls
  • Timing: visit during day time. Not after 3 PM
  • What to expect: The path to Pali waterfalls has multiple smaller waterfalls, streams and viewpoints along the way. Many people were carrying food to have them next to the falls. The area is popular among locals for picnic. Forest department has put signboards at various spots to guide visitors to falls, but at times you will miss and may get lost. So stay in groups or keep an eye where everyone else is heading. If not sure wait for some people to show up.
Keep looking for signs.

Watch an insta clip below

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