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Beautiful Butterfly Beach South Goa

Butterfly beach is a popular beach in South Goa, reasonably far from city centre (40 kms from Madgaon). It takes 2-3 kms of trekking to reach Butterfly beach but is probably worth it due to nice few and pristine water butterfly beach offers.

Reaching butterfly beach:

Butterfly beach is 40 kms south of Madgaon, so if you are visiting this part of Goa you can possibly include Galgibagha beach, Agonda beach etc in your plan or plan to spend a night in this region.

Reaching butterfly beach needs driving over 3 -4 kms of bad roads- loose soil, gravel- to reach parking area. From parking 2-3 kms of easy trek through private property, fields and foresty area will take you to butterfly beach. Two wheelers can get pretty close till the beach while cars need to be parked much behind.

You can also reach butterfly beach by boat from nearby towns, sparing you long trek- speak to your hotel owner or local taxi driver for arrangements.

What to expect at Butterfly beach:

Butterfly beach reminded me of Maya Bay in Phi Phi islands, Thailand. A small opening between two huge rocks make for a nice shallow beach, excellent for swim. There are two giant rocks on both sides, one of which is climbable- a 10 min hike can take you top of the rock offering good view of the beach and ocean.

Few boats bring passengers from nearby towns

Facilities available at Butterfly Beach, Goa:

Tender coconut was being sold near the beach, a petty shop sells few basic stuff, a restaurant near parking area serves food, has toilets (chargeable)

  • Pricing: parking fee for cars is 100 INR
  • A cup of tea costs 50 INR
  • Toilet usage costs 10 INR, bath, 30 INR (available near parking, 2 kms away)

Butterfly beach is a good spot to visit if you have 2-3 hours to spare and comfortable with a bit of walking.

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