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Kabbinale (Chitrabhi) Falls near Hebri | Visitor Info

Aug 2023 Update: Authorities have decided to close Kabbinale falls to visitors. Reason unknown.

Original post:

Kabbinale falls is a nice little waterfalls worth visiting not too far from the town of Hebri. I had missed visiting this falls all these days and made my first visit today, 15th Jan 2023. This is the first waterfall visit in new year.

Water levels were not at their best in the month of January, so I will plan another visit later this year- like September/October, but for now, below are some details you would find useful if you wish to visit Kabbinale Falls.

Where is Kabbinale Falls?

On the google maps, the location is named Chitrabhi falls. The falls is about 15 kms from Hebri town. There is another spot marked "Kabbinale falls" which is wrong location.

How are the roads leading to Kabbinale falls?

Roads are good, except for last 1.5 kms. Bikes can go easily, cars may struggle a bit. If not confident or if your car doesn't have enough ground clearance or power to drive up the slope on loose gravel, better park where the normal road ends and hike the remaining distance.

Once you park the bike, there is 500 meter hike to the waterfalls. You can opt to go to the pond at the bottom of the falls or hike a bit up and reach the intermediatory or top most levels. I went till second stage but didn't see a point going further up due to low water levels.

How is the water level?

Not much in mid Jan but there was some water, enough to take a dip. Water level will be very good between July and November.

Entry fees & timing for Kabbinale waterfall:

None. As of now there is no restriction of timings, no one to collect any fees. 

Stay options:

Hebbar's Green Homestay is very close to Kabbinale (Chitrabhi) falls * JLR Seethanadi Nature camp is nearby, More options are available in Hebri or Karkala towns.

What else is nearby to Kabbinale falls?

Kudlu Theertha falls * Varanga * Karkala * Agumbe * Jomlu Falls


  1. Pls do give details regarding how to reach the falls from Hebri. There is a falls in Kabbinale village which is marked as Matthav Falls Kabbinale in Google maps and is easily accessible. It is about 6 km from muniyalu.

    1. correct. Take help from locals to reach. Map may not be very accurate and network is weak. Kabbinale is closed now due to too much littering


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