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Jomlu Theertha waterfalls near Hebri

Jomlu Theertha is a small scenic waterfalls + River spot 12 kms from Hebri town in coastal Karnataka's Udupi district. However this waterfall remains closed for most of the year for reasons best known to authorities. Jomlu Theertha is formed by River Seetha flowing over large boulders and dropping for about 20 feet at some spots. Since the Jomlu falls is located within Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary limits, entry is controlled by Forest Department.

Here is what to expect at Jomlu Theertha falls
1. About 1-  1.2 kms trek from parking spot. Vehicles could have gone closer but govt has set up a barricade more than a km before the falls. So this last leg you have to cover on foot. Normal walking path, no hiking needed, nothing too complex.

2. Closed during most of the time.
Jomlu falls may not be open when you visit. Authorities close it for reasons best known to them- someone slipped and fell, covid, too much rain or any other reason. Information on why it is closed and when it will open is impossible to find before your visit. So always visit with a plan B- some other place to visit in case you can't enter Jomlu Theertha.

One forest department security guard is deployed at the entrance whose job is to send people back. 

If Covid is the reason they could have allowed people in small batches
If safety is the reason put up some warning signs, barricades

But no, Banning is our easy solution for everything. You can try your luck contacting Udupi tourism at these numbers and check if Jomlu falls is open.
3. River flowing over rocks-Jomlu falls
If you find Jomlu Theertha open and get past security, you can enjoy the scenic Jomlu falls. Seetha river flows over large bounlers at Jomlu falls, giving impression of waterfall. However due to its depth, slipperiness Jomlu falls is risky proposition to take a bath. It is not safe to take a tip under the falls. However if you can explore half a km upstream or downstream you might some some safe spots in the river where it might be possible to get wet.

Flowing water has created lots of craters and pots on the rocks.
Jomlu theertha falls water levels in November...
4. A small temple
A tiny temple is built next to the falls
No facilities are available near Jomlu falls. Hebri town is the nearest spot for food or anything else you may need. Stay can be planned at Hebri, Brahmavara or JLR Seethanadi Nature camp.
  • Time required at Jomlu falls: 15 mins to reach, may be 30 mins at the Jomlu Theertha, 20 mins walking back. About 1 hour minimum, more if you wish to relax by the river.
  • Timing: Not known, closed during most of the time. 
  • Entry fee: None
  • Complexity: Easy, everyone in family, kids can visit.
  • Best season to visit Jomlu Theertha: October to December (lots of water, leeches and too dangerous in monsoon July to September, not much water after December till June)
How to reach Jomlu Theertha falls?
Follow Google maps, but last half km might be tricky. You should be spotting a forest department block announcing Jomlu Theertha. (This is hard to find if you cruise from Brahmavar side, go slow and keep looking for the last half km mud roads).Take help from locals if lost. Turn left (if coming from Brahmavara) or right (if coming from Hebri) on to the mud road and reach till you see a barricade. Park here, take permission from forest guard and walk the last 1 - 1.2 kms till the Jomlu Theertha falls


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