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Honnur Fort & Hidkal dam with amazing views between Belagavi & Gokak

Honnur Fort is an amazing place. Honnur fort is a must visit while traveling between Belagavi and Gokak. There are many reasons why it is worth visiting Honnur fort when in Belagavi district. Here is what you can expect

1. Amazing view of water on three sides.

Honnur fort is located on a hill that overlooks Hidkal reservoir. There is water on 3 sides and the view is amazing. We won't get entire view from one spot, will have to walk a bit.

2. Old fort with wells

Honnur fort, also referred to as Honnurgad is made of mud and stones centuries ago. Honnur fort has withstood nature but shows signs of aging. Honnur fort is located at the highest point in the area, offering all around view. As we enter, we see a curvy entrance- innovative design to hide the entry point and make it difficult for elephants to charge, as lots of turning is required. There is no main gate left. Even the walkway is damaged, we had to make our way up on an uneven path filled with rocks. Some maintenance would have helped a lot. Some carvings by the entrance could be seen, most likely used for guards on duty.

As we entered Honnur fort grounds, there wasn't much to see initially- no palace, no remains of any other structures, no canons. Just some bushes and trees. However as we walked further we spotted two deep wells. It was not possible to see the bottom of the well. Felt risky to go too close. Two such deep wells would have ensured enough water supply for the occupants of Honnur fort in its active days.

A bit further we saw a bastion or flag post. A few steps to climb and a vertical pole still intact. This is the highest point in the Honnur fort. We walked around and came back.

3. Govt IB

Once down from Honnur fort we visited a government inspection bungalow. It is not meant for tourists but staff would sell a meal or offer water/let you use rest room if you request and if situation permits. Govt IB is located at nice spot.

4. Villages nearby

It looked like there is a road from the fort entrance to the villages nearby- wasn't sure if the road is good for 2 wheel drive car and if it is allowed to drive around. We didn't try to explore too much and decided to return.

5. Idkal Dam & another dam

There is a dam with a road on it on the way to Honnur dam. While we saw a bunch of cars coming out of it, we were not allowed in. You need right connections to get some permission.

On the way to Honnur fort from Belagavi side we could climb up and view Hidkal Dam.

Climb these steps and enjoy great views of Hidkal dam and cool breeze...

Honnur fort as no wikipedia page, doesn't find any mention in Karnataka's tourism department website and there are no displays telling us about history of the fort, rulers who built this and wars it would have been part of. Most probably either Kitturu Rani Chennamma or Shivaji Maharaj had their command over Honnur fort (as these two were popular rules in the region). Honnur fort is visible from main road at a distance, so those who pay attention might decide to take a diversion and visit. Otherwise there are no signboards advising people about this interesting fort with amazing viewpoint.

Honnur Fort visitor info:

  • Distance from Belagavi: 50 kms
  • Opening hours: 24x7 (no gates/timings)
  • Facilities available: None at the fort, nearest Govt IB you can request for rest room access, water & food if open and staffed, not guaranteed, don't count on it
  • Entry fee: None
  • Time to spend: 30 min to 1 hour apporx
  • Directions: Follow Google maps. Honnur fort is visible from main road near Hidkal dams
  • Road condition: Good
  • Must visit? May not be worth going all the way just for this, but if in the region definitely worth a visit.

Nearby: Gokak Falls * Godachinmalki falls


  1. Hi I visited the Honnur Fort in mid 1960s as a 11 year old with my family and remember it well! My dad was the PWD official team member in charge of building the Hidkal dam! We went on many picnics in the Ghataprabha area those days and lived in PWD quarters in Hidkal village which had a weekly Sante! Some of my fondest memories are of the Hidkal dam summer vacation! Thanks for the blog post! Brought back great memories


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