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Multistage Godachinmalki falls near Belagavi is worth a visit...

Godachinmalki is an amazing waterfalls in Belgaum (Belagavi) district of Karnataka, just about 15 kms from Gokak falls. Markhandeya river flows over a wide rocky area and then drops down about 50-70 meters.

Godachinmalki falls was more captivating than we expected. We left from Gokak falls at about 5.15 PM and reached Godachinmalki at about 5.45 with some daylight yet left. The road between Gokak and Godachinmalki was not so good- was under construction for half the distance- so might be good if you are visiting after few months. Last few kms were good. Car goes very close, so amount of walking needed is bare minimum. Even elders/kids can visit the falls without any difficulty.

Godachinmalki falls is not as popular as Gokak falls and hence doesn't have any entry gates, parking charges or entry fees. You can visit any time as per your choice. Some locals might be selling snacks near the parking area otherwise there is nothing available.

After parking the car we first went down to see this view. Markhandeya river falls down the rocks in multiple stages and flows through the valley. We could see people being adventurous and going right under the falls.

Later we came up, walked a few hundred meter further to get this view. Here the river was flowing on a seemingly flat rockbed. People could walk across and reach the other side of the falls and beyond. In first week of November the water level was just right- not too much, not too little. But cross at your own risk- if you slip and fall you may injure yourself or may lose your phone or camera. No help/support available nearby.
If you are visiting Godachinmalki falls: 
  • If you have own vehicle you can drive till the falls.
  • Public transport is NOT available till the falls. Your best bet is to go till Gokak or other nearby towns and negotiate a taxi hire from there. Belgaum (Belgavi) is the nearest town (60 kms) is where you can possibly stay.
  • After reaching, about 30 minutes is enough to feel the falls. More if you wish to take bath or relax.
  • Doesn't look like there will be much water after December/Jan.

Other places nearby are Gokak falls (15 kms). Hidkal dam (16 kms), Honnur Fort etc

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