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Gokak falls, Belagavi: November visit experience

Gokak falls is a gorgeous waterfalls in the town of Gokak, about 70 kms from Belagavi. After exploring Honnur fort we headed towards the Gokak falls. Gokak falls was the main destination of the day in our plan but due to multiple stops it was already late. Last 15 kms of roads were either bad or under construction. We reached Gokak by about 4 PM. I visited Gokak falls in November, which is a month right after monsoon season. I was expecting lots of water, but water level was lesser.

July/August is the month during which Gokak falls will be at its maximum fury. River level is so high and strong that it won't be possible to walk on the rocks. September/October would have been better. This year it was raining all the way till October/November in Udupi so I was expecting similar situation in Belgaum, but apparently it wasn't so. In November I was little late but not too late. Below was the amount of water in November.

What to expect in and around Gokak Falls?
1. Mahalingeshwara Temple: Main temple of Gokak town, right next to the river. Nothing exceptional about temple complex but if in the area you might wish to fold your hands and seek some blessings.

2. The falls
Gokak waterfalls is visible from the river bank. Ghataprabha river drops about 50-52 meters. You should have a strong heart to go to the edge and see it. There are no designated view points or observatory decks to get clear view of the falls.

There could be a way to go down the valley and view the falls from another angle but we didn't try that due to shortage of time.

3. The Ghataprabha river
River bed full of rocks is an interesting place. At several spots the rock is carved in creative ways. Depending on what month you visit, water level may vary. At times you may not be able to cross across and during peak monsoon you can't even enter.

4. Suspension Bridge
A nice suspension bridge is built across the river but is closed to visitors for reasons best known to authorities. Locals have found a way to climb up the rock and reach the bridge and walk to the other side.

5. Gokak Textiles factory shop: A textile factory right opposite the Gokak falls parking area has a factory outlet. 

6. Gokak Fort: I didn't visit this spot, but if you have time you can explore.

7. Park: There is a park next to the park, few hundred meters from the falls. Nothing exceptional but good relaxing place

Gokak Falls visitor info:
  • Timing: There is no designated entry gate, hence you can visit any time of the day. But I would say don't be too early or too late.
  • Expenses: No entry fee for Gokak Falls, Parking fee may be collected
  • Facilities available: Few shops sell snacks and refreshments, no designated toilets spotted. Tender coconut 30 Rs, pani puri 20 Rs etc
  • Road conditions: Bad for most part between Hidkal Dam and Gokak while arriving from Belgaum side. Many parts were under construction so might be better after 3-4 months.
  • Public transport: Available
After Gokak I headed to Godachinmalki falls. I didn't have time to visit a Dam, Gokak fort.. Overall it was a day well spent exploring Belagavi district of Karnataka.

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