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Kitturu Rani Chennamma Fort & museum

Kitturu was  the base of Rani Chennamma, a brave lady ruler who fought against the British invaders early 19th century. Kittur is part of Belagavi district of Karnataka and located between Dharawad and Belagavi. Today thousands of cars full of tourists zip through the six lane highway that passes through Kittur, without anyone making attempts to visit the fort of Kittur and the history behind it.

I visited Kitturu last week while returning from Hemmadaga and heading to Dharwad. Kittur town has a circle by the highway bypass dedicated to Rani Chennamma and the fort is hardly a km away from highway. Kittur fort complex had a nice palace which British commanders destroyed after capturing Rani Chennamma. British commanders also looted all valuables they could find in the fort campus. Only some bits of the earlier grand palace now remains, telling us about the price people had to pay fighting for motherland.

What to expect in Kitturu?

1. Rani Chennamma Circle

The welcome symbol to Kittur city- Rani Chennamma circle, right next to the 6 lane highway and marks grand entrance to Kittur city.

2. Fort Museum

Kittur Fort has a museum of ancient artefacts. Fort Museum was not open when I visited at 8.15 AM. A few exhibits were kept outside which I could see. Take a closer look at the tiles used for the roof of the building.

Above: a sculpture of Rani Chennamma

3. Kittur Fort Palace

Probably the most interesting portion of Kittur fort. Remains of the palace where Rani Chennamma used to live can be seen. The roof is gone, few walls and pillars remain. The rooms are marked for easy identification- kitchen, dining room etc. The palace wasn't very large and spacious (like say Mysuru Palace) but it was just adequate for a local ruler to operate from. British commanders looted everything valuable they could grab and destroyed things as much as they could.

Above: Milk and Curd storage area

Below: An observatory and a well

4: Fort walking track

There is a nice and wide road that runs along the outer wall of Kittur fort, ideal for walking. Outer walls of Kittur fort were not too tall, just about the height of an elephant.

5.Fort open ground and stage

A large maidana (grounds) and a stage built recently is part of the fort complex. Locals use it for jogging, exercise etc.

6 Kittur Fort temples

Kittur fort complex has two temples

7. Langoors

Fort campus is home to several monkeys and langoors. 

A strong structure could be seen little away from palace and was locked. Probably used for weapons or wealth storage.

Kittur fort visitor info:

  • Entry fee: Zero (No tickets)
  • Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM (museums etc open at 9, early morning locals can enter through slight opening in the gate, so you might be able to get a quick look even if you visit outside of official timing)
  • Time to spend: 30 mins to an hour
  • Facilities available: Nothing much. You can sit and relax but I didn't see any toilets, shops etc for tourists.
A few displays on the highway might make more tourists divert and explore Kittur fort.

Next time while passing through Kitturu towards Goa or somewhere else, spare 30 minutes, check out Kittur Fort and pay respect to the great lady and locals who fought the outnumbered British forces till their last breath.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely summary as expected. All these while, i was thinking, that statue was Jansi Rani and now I got clarity.☺️

  2. Thanks. Heard about Kittur Rani Chennamma. Now could see the Fort & abode of the then Rani...Glad.


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