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Scenic spots around Halady (Varahi) River

Haladi river, (ಹಾಲಾಡಿ ನದಿ) also spelt as Halady river and referred to as Varahi river is a small river that originates in the western ghats (Shivamogga district) and flows west towards Arabian sea, merges with various other rivers (Panchagangavali and Kubja) near Gangolli/Gulvadi.

Haladi is the main town along the path of the river, hence it is popularly referred as Halady river. At Halady a small split of the Halady river extends south east, giving this river a unique Y shape.

Halady river or attractions around it do not appear in the list of tourist interest in Karnataka, Udupi or Shivamogga. However the river has several scenic spots along its path, hence this post is an attempt to introduce them to you.
1 Kunchikal Falls: I am yet to visit this falls, will update once I visit. Located on the western ghats closer to where the river halady originates.

2. Tombattu falls
A small waterfalls, accessible by road (not in good condition, but normal cars can reach). Falls is 100 meter from road, about 5 meter in height or less. No point going all the way just for Tombattu falls, but if in the region explore. Metkalgudde temple is not too far from Tombattu falls
3. Bharathkal Haladi: 
An aquaduct of Varahi project passing through Haladi river. More details here

4. Tinton Resorts & Waterpark
Somewhere near Belve is the 10 acre private property of Tinton Resorts & Waterpark. Located right next to Halady river, Tinton Resort has a water park, with slides, swimming pool, water fountains and other adventure/fun activities.
Tinton Resort is NOT open for day visitors- you can't just go, enter waterpark and return. Access is excusive for guests who stay there. Cost is about 5000 per room per day.

5. Neermannu Backwater and Dam
A nice dram with iron crust gates is located at Neermannu, about 6 kms from Halady town. Depending on season and water level, you can get into river  (if safe)and have some good time. Be advised Neermannu is NOT a designated tourist spot and you enter at your own risk. No facilities or help available there.
6. Holebagilu Viewpoint
Located between Amasebailu and Tombattu, Holebagilu viewpoint offers nice view of water everywhere- stop by the main road and enjoy. If you have some more time you can explore around and find a way to get closer to the water. But exercise caution
7 Gulwadi dam: 
Gulvadi is where Haladi river merges with other river-Kubja and Panchagangavali. Gulwadi is located closer to Kundapura and Gangolli and has a nice long dam along the river.
8. Haladi Lakshmi Narayana temple: 
This temple, just a few kms from Haladi town has access to Haladi river, via some 100 steps. Go down the steps and enjoy the view of Haladi river.  
Lots of construction work going on in this region due to Varahi hydroelectric project. Hope the beauty of river and western ghats are not compromised.

There are also dozens of temples on the banks of Haladi river. I've not visited all of them.

Here is a map reference [link to Google maps]

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