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Heart Lake near Goa Airport

Heart Lake is a small lake in central Goa, not too far from Goa International Airport. 

While I have already written about the larger heart shaped Sarzora lake little away from Goa, this one is smaller, closer to city and worth a quick stroll when you have few hours to spare.

What to expect at Heart Lake, Goa?

Nothing much. It is a small lake. Heart shape is visible from top of a cliff, which is little difficult to access.  A possible walkway is through private property so security may not let you through. You will get  a side view like below. You can try finding better spots to get a better picture. As the airport is too close, I didn't fly the drone here, else could have got better picture.

We visited on a morning in August 2022- but the heart lake was not full. Had only partial water.

Besides the lake, the beach is nearby. You can walk a few kms by the ocean if you wish to and return.

Where is Heart Lake in Goa?

Heart Lake is in Chicolna Area in Goa, around 6km from Goa Airport in Dabolim and 30 kms from Madgaon. 

How to reach Heart Lake in Goa?

You can follow Google maps. [Link]. The last few kms are not very suited for normal cars. Two wheelers and SUVs can try getting closer, else you will have to walk about a km.

What else to see nearby to Heart Lake in Goa?

If you are making a trip to this part of Goa you can include few more nearby attractions: Bogmalo Beach, Japanese Garden and Durg Beach, Hollant Beach etc.

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