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Visiting Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

Brecon Beacons National Park is a scenic area couple of hours north of Cardiff and Newport, Wales, UK. One one of the days, visited this park with a friend in his car. We spent a few hours driving through Brecon Beacons. This post shares some photos and notes from my quick visit.

Llwyn-on Reservoir
Our first stop was Llwyn Reservoir off A470. It is a large lake from where drinking water is supplied to bigger cities like Cardiff. There is a walking trail along the circumference of the lake. I made an attempt to walk a full circle but realized that part of the trail was closed due to strong wind warnings. Some photos clicked around this part of Brecon Beacons National Park.

Garwnant Visitor Information centre is towards the end of Llwyn on reservoir lake.
Above: Trail closed

More lakes:
We saw many more lakes along the road. Depending on your time and interest you can stop and explore/hike around.

Brecon Beacons Mountain Railway: 
There's a nice mountain railway ride you can try, but runs at specific timings (like 2.30 PM last ride) and we were late for that day's last ride. So had to skip.

View from A4509
A little further from the Llwyn lake we turned left from A470 to join A4509. This goes on an uphill drive and offers scenic views. We went a few miles, got some pictures and returned. Spotted army troops hiking the hill here. Was told even RAF conducts practice sessions in this area.

Lots of sheeps and horses were grazing freely

Waterfalls on the way
Several waterfalls of various dimensions could be spotted along the highway. One is shown in picture below.

Hiking trails
The mountains have long hiking trails- one can walk all day in this region. We didn't have the luxury of time to walk so much. Also weather wasn't very friendly with light rains and strong winds.
Youth Hostel:
YHA Brecon Beacons is located along A470. If you're planning a stay here for longer hikes or to spend more time with nature you can do so. There is a bus service along the A470 serving some key spots, including YHA Hostel, but frequency is less so better planning is required.

Public transport details to Brecon Beacons National Park- Use T14 from Cardiff city centre. Use stop name as YHA Brecon while searching- Google maps may not show public transport option if you use other keywords

Brecon town
Is where you can find some fuel, food and other essentials during your visit. There's a Nepali food restaurant here (closes 3PM) and other cafes/restaurants/pizza shop for food after your visit. Better to carry your food and supplies.

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