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Travel bloggers I met in Goa during GITM 2019

This post introduces you to few Travel Bloggers I met in Goa recently. I had done a similar post in 2014 and again in 2017 . Idea is to introduce my fellow travel bloggers to my readers. I've kept it very brief- do check their respective blogs and social media profiles for more information. Those whom I have met for the first time I have elaborated in little detail, those whom I have already met earlier and probably covered in earlier posts, have given brief mention.

1. Caroline Radhakrishnan- Curry Lines
Bengaluru based Caroline Radhakrishnan blogs at She has got multiple mentions in reputed print media for her recipes and food related initiatives. She hails from Mangaluru and has been blogging for about 3+ years now.

2. Madhurima Chakraborty - Orange Wayfarer
Madhurima is also based in Bengaluru and blogs at She has written several destination guides and contributions to reputed publications.
With Madhurima (to my right) and Caroline (next to Madhurima), clicked by Mariellen Ward
3) Mariellen Ward- Breath Dream Go!
Mariellen is a Canadian born travel writer and blogger currently calling India her home, based in Hrishikesh. She has written lots of India related guides, very useful for foreign tourists planning their India visit. Check her blog . She was in Goa attending GITM as part of International Media. I missed taking a photo with her. Mariellen's blog completed 10 years this August.

4) Lisa- One Epic Road Trip
Lisa is a London based blogger with whom I had a short conversation while having lunch at the Avadh House in Goa. Check her blog

5) Abhinav Singh- A Soul Window
Abhinav Singh blogs at A Soul Window ( and is a full time professional travel writer and blogger.
Above, from left to right- Danish, Myself, Vinay, Sandy, Abhuvav and Parnashree Devi

6) Meenakshi Gupta- Tanha Dil
Meenakshi is based in Bengaluru and runs, name inspired by Shaan's popular song. Her blog focuses on travel and food.

7) Rishab and Nirali Shah- The Gypsy Couple
Rishab and Nirali Shah run a luxury lifestyle and travel blog.

8) Archana and Vidur- Travel My Nation
Archana and Vidur are Bengaluru based travel couple. Check their blog -been traveling full time since past several years, covering over 300 Indian destinations.

Repeat meets
Met following bloggers one more time thanks to the Goa event.
Above: Anuradha Goyal and Madhurima

All of these bloggers made the Goa visit more fun and purposeful. There's lot to learn from each other. I am not the most photo enthusiastic person around so didn't take selfie with each of them. Using a few group photos and selfies I could get my hands on .

About 7 people in above list are based in Bengaluru, around 4 from Delhi/nearby n rest from other places. Do we say Bengaluru is travel blogger capital of India?

Sorry if I have missed mentioning anyone. Let me know, can update. Goa Tourism and organizers of GITM2019 had invited 35 domestic bloggers+media and 25 international bloggers/media to attend GITM and spread the word related to Goa Tourism. Also met a few journalists, buyers and other people but since they are not bloggers not focusing in this post.

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