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Fascinating features of JW Marriott Jaipur Resorts and Spa

This will be the last post related to JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa. Have written earlier about the room types, restaurant options, Haathi Gaon visit and some interesting facts about parent company, Marriott International. In this post, here're some interesting things/salient features I noted about the JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa during my stay there.

1. Palace like design that is a visual treat for the eye.
JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and spa is designed on a palace theme- the grandeur is obvious in every corner and in every angle. The top view from terrace is captivating. The walkways, entrances, restaurants are all themed to represent various palaces or places inside the royal palaces.
Above: Main campus from terrace
Below: Tulsi Mahal or the reception building

Above:View of the palace block behind the pool
Below: Entrance to palace block

 Some paintings in the campus
Do check my instagram account for more photos

2. Fort like access road and security
JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa’s main entrance is not a straight road from highway, though there was space to design it that way. To enter through the main gate the incoming vehicle has to make 3 turns from main road and after clearing security another 3 turns to reach reception. Most historic forts use similar strategy- twisted approach road means a high speed attack is impossible. Enemy used to release a charged elephant at high speed towards the fort wall- the charged elephant would ram into the main gate at high speed and try to break it open.  This high speed attach is not possible if approaching animal has to make sharp turns. Plus the doors are fitted with thorns that would injure or kill an attaching elephant or camel.  JW Marriott Jaipur has adapted all these traits and the modern day security measures such as bollards (the strong pillars that block the way and can be lowered to allow vehicles to pass), CCTV and well trained security guards-at least 6 of them were manning the main entrance.
3. Luxurious DC Design Innova Crysta
Have written a separate post on this- an ultra luxurious DC design Innova crysta in the fleet of luxury cars available at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa

4. Fire Guard welcome for VVIP Guests
This set of pillars near the reception are no ordinary ones. They can spit fire in a rhythmic style. These are commissioned whenever there’re VVIP guests arriving. Unfortunately we couldn’t see them in action. I don’t know its official name, so I am calling it fire guard welcome
5. Camel bone chairs
Many chairs in JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa are made of camel bone.
6. Melodious music all over
There’re about 8 spots in the resort where musicians sit and play music during the day. So there’s non stop flow of melodius music when you’re in the campus.

7. Extremely high popularity, loyalty and demand
This is not a feature but fact. JW Marriott Jaipur resort and spa is barely 8 months old. But they are already extremely popular. On any given day resort is said to have over 70% occupancy and sold out for all key dates, popular seasons. Resort is also very popular with wedding planners, who negotiate and book entire resort for their client’s destination wedding. This implies there’s high demand for high end luxury hospitality and Marriott has its set of loyal customers. This is crucial for a brand and they have succeeded in this aspect.
8. High Guest to Staff ratio
For about 200 rooms in the resort, JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa has over 370 staff. Assuming double occupancy, that is almost 1 staff per guest or two per room. This translates to lots of attention for guests, quicker service and better maintenance of the property.

9. The melody of water fountains
There’re dozens of water fountains all around the resort, of various shapes and sizes. They are operational all through the day-they help keep the ambiance cool, feed birds which fly in thirsty and the melodious sound of their flow is soothing to the eyes.

10. Umpteen fine dining options
With over 8 different food and beverage options, you can easily spend 2 days not repeating any restaurant visit. Do check my detailedpost here.

Also some FAQs you may have about JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa
Q1: How much do the rooms cost?
Room rent varies from about 10000 to 50000 INR depending on room type, season, occupancy and other factors. Check this post for variousroom types on offer.

Q2: What is included in room rent?
Breakfast (unless you book on booking.com ‘s without breakfast rate), access to all facilities such as pool, gym, high tea, cycle borrowing etc.

Airport transfer, lunch & dinner, city tour, spa etc are additionally chargeable, along with mini bar consumption.

Q3: Does JW Marriott Jaipur resort and Spa provide driver accommodation?
Yes. Drivers can be accommodated in staff bunkers, as per GM of the resort

Q4: Is JW Marriott Jaipur pet friendly?
No. Pets are not allowed

Q5: How much does the spa cost?
Spa costs roughly 6000 for 60 mins session- depends on nature of session, duration and other factors. Taxes extra, menu below.

Q6: What are the time pass/recreational activities one can indulge in JW Marriott Jaipur resort and spa?
There’s a dedicated kids play area, if you wish to leave your child under the care of staff and go to your meetings or something else

You can use the gym, attend Yoga sessions, try the swimming pool or the jacuzzi next to it, ride around the property in a cycle (can’t go out), enjoy the music or play chess in Jharoka and so on

Q7: What are the restaurants available in JW Marriott Jaipur resort and spa?
Pls check this detailed post- you’ve 8+ options.

Q8: How far is JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa from Jaipur airport?
About 25kms or 40-45 mins by road on Delhi highway. Closer if you’re arriving from Delhi.

Q9: What kind of views do I get from the room?
Depending on what type of room and where, you may have view of the garden or the pool or the aravali hills.

Note: My visit and stay was sponsored by the hotel, however all the posts are my own

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