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eNidhi India Guest Post Acceptance Policy

Too many guest post requests of late. So I am prompted to publish this post- helps me share the link to those who mail for quest post and not having to reply to each mails.

eNidhi India Guest Post Policy.
If you’re approaching me with an intent of posting a guest post on my blog in exchange for a link, please read below guidelines. Connect with me only if you’re able to comply with these.

In general, I am not looking for a guest post. I have enough content on my own from my travels and experiences, so not actively looking for guest posts to fill content for my blog.

However, I am open to the idea of guest posts on a case by case basis if the content is personal, unique and adds real value for my readers.
  • If the article you’re proposing includes a personal experience from your travel or other activities, it may be considered. If it is cooked at home for commercial purposes without an iota of personalization, own experience or value, it is not welcome.  For example, if you’ve personally visited a destination and have a unique experience to share, it can be considered. But you’re sitting at home, picking up content from google and drafting a post “Best things to do in ABC destination” – don’t bother approaching. 
  • If your core purpose is to place a link to a 3rd party website from whom you may be collecting money, please don’t try. Your guest post article, if accepted may have a link to your personal blog or social media handle, not to external commercial sites. 
  • Content being unique- because it is carefully crafted to avoid plagiarism detection from copyscape is not enough. SEO focused articles stuffed with keywords won’t do. It should be able to add some value to the readers.
  • Initial response is NOT a commitment to post your guest post. Final decision will be taken after going through the contents of the post.
  • You promising to share the post on your FB page with lots of followers won't excite me. If you're trying this approach, first share a post on mine, so that I can see how much traffic it can bring or what's the engagement on the post.
  • If you have a better destination to post your article please go ahead. I can not commit to post your article right away. Might have to edit the post if needed and will publish at my discretion if it is deemed good.
  • Don't try emotional manipulation- such as your client loves my content so I should give them a link or things like that. I will mostly see through such tricks and motives.
In summary, don’t approach for guest post if your hidden agenda is to get a link for your clients. Approach only if you have a unique story/experience to share that you want to share with my blog readers, without any commercial motives or expectations.

I am little more generous w.r.t guest posts on my other blog- airlineblog.in. But it is a new blog, so those of you with SEO agenda may not prefer it, which is fine with me. Check here for more.

Sponsored posts
If you have a commercial motive, you should approach for sponsored post/paid collaboration. This is also considered on a case by case basis, provided the brand/topic is relevant to my readers, content is genuine. In general travel, automobile, hospitality and lifestyle brands are welcome to collaborate. Others are welcome but after a review- don't hesitate to contact with details- I will check and confirm.

If you're a blogger and if your guest post policy is similar, you're may either link to this post or make your own post with above contents but do provide credit and link to this post.

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