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Fine dining options in JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa

I've written about JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa's room types in an earlier post. In this one, let me introduce you to their unique restaurants. There're more than 8 different food and beverage outlets/options to chose from, when you're holidaying in Jaipur at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa.

1. Sukh Mahal All day dining
Sukh Mahal is where we had most of our meals and breakfast. This is the most used restaurant in JW Marriott Jaipur. There may be a live music during most of the days. Guests can seat indoors or outdoors next to the pool. I think it can seat about 200 people at a time. 

Sukh Mahal is an all day dining restaurant and has a kaleidoscopic three tone colour interiors representing fresh morning, bronze noon and warm evening.

The centre of the such mahal restaurant is very photogenic with deserts on one side, salads, fruits and juices on the other side housed in a beautiful platform with a nice chandelier at the centre. Chair are said to be made from camel bone
Note your table number as you arrive- you will be asked your table number whenever you place an order at the live counter.  If you can’t recall your table number, go back and ask one of the staff to get your item to your table.
Each table is decorated with nice flowers.
Tables of different sizes ensure that there’re seatings suitable for groups of various sizes.
For breakfast there were all possible Indian items, along with English/continental options
 Besides a buffet layout, Sukh Mahal also offers curated/ala carte food on demand. Do not miss the peacock themed sitting area right outside Sukh Mahal
2. Hawa Mahal- Rooftop Restaurant- (To be opened soon)
Hawa Mahal is a roof top restaurant in JW Marriott Jaipur Resorts and Spa. Located at Level T on the palace block, Hawa Mahal offers nice open air dining with view of the resort or the hill or the city. We didn’t have any lunch here- were told this will be operational soon.

 In my opinion Hawa Mahal looks more magnificent in night than day
Windows of Hawa Mahal offer magnificent view of the property- that is another post by itself.

3. Mohan Mohal Indian Specialty Restaurant
Mohan Mahal is a specialty Indian restaurant, design of which is inspired from Sheesh mahal inside Amer Fort. It has dark interiors, lots of glass and mirror inspired designs and art work inside, no electric lights. Guests dine in the company of candle lights. Glass ceiling has mirrors in them- flashing light towards the ceiling results in patterns of reflection on the ground, which is nice to view but little hard to capture on ordinary camera.
 Designer candles add to the ambiance

 A lamp with a designer cover creates lots of art.
We were served a multi course, specially curated meals at Mohan Mahal. Mohan Mahal is open for dinner only and needs prior reservation. Silver Cutlery, soothing music and personal detailing by the chef adds to the experience at Mohan Mahal.

4. Jharoka Lounge and Bar
Jharoka is a bar and coffee shop located adjacent to Sukh Mahal. This is where I used my 50mm lens the most. You have to check my instagram account for more photos.
Jharokha - JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
 Spotted 3 vintage cars that double up as storage space- say for pan, sugar etc
5. Preet Mahal Poolside bar
Preet Mahal is a pool side bar- Listed on the site and our briefing but I didn't see this in action, so don't have much comments.

6. High tea at Kanishka Bagh (Kukas ki Chaupar)
Kukas ki Chaupar was one item on our itinerary we didn't know what it was- apparently this represented high tea at Kanishka Bagh- a small outdoor area in the north western corner of the resort, open during the evening hours. Various varities of tea, coffee, some light snacks like Kachoris are served, along with music.. There're chairs, bean bags, kids play area or you can simply sit on the grass and chit chat.

7. In room dining
Of course you have an option to order food right inside your room.

8. Once upon a time at Nahargarh
JW Marriott Resorts and Spa guests can opt for dining at some unique places outside the property campus. Dining at Nahargarh fort was one such experience- around 13 miles from the resort, lunch at Nahargarh offers scenic view of Jaipur and special lunch experience. Let had good enough options for veg.
9. More options nearby
Zarin, Zoya, Surya Villas, Madiera Bar and terrace are some of the external food and drinks outlets listed on JW Marriott Jaipur's website.

One of the chefs told us they have over 70 staff in the kitchens of various restaurants. In total JW Marriott Jaipur has about 300-350 staff. For 200+ rooms, that is almost 2 staff per room or a one to one ratio of guests to staff (assuming double occupancy)

I hope my photos do some justice- the property and restaurants are far more beautiful than what I have managed to capture. Have you been to JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa? Which restaurant is your favorite? Let me know in comments section.


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