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Arvalem falls, Sanquelim, Goa

This little falls in Goa is located within the premises of a temple- very eye catching and inviting.

Aravalem falls is located near the campus of Rudreshwar temple in Sanquelim area, about 30kms from Panjim city. If you're heading to Belgaum or to Chorlea ghat, a small deviation at Sanquelim will take you to this falls.

Downstream is very shallow and is fairly safe and ideal for getting into. It wasn't deep enough for  swim in August when we went.

There're steps to go close to top of the falls and one can also view it from the river in front of the temple

 View of the temple

A view of the river, downstream

Aravalem falls is sometimes also referred to as Harvalem falls. There is also a cave nearby, which we couldn't explore.

The Rudreshwar temple is very popular with hindus, people come here from all over to perform 12th/13th day rituals for the dead.

Thanks to temple and vigilant villagers, this falls is free from regular tourists who drink near the falls and spoil the nature by throwing garbage.

Map to Arvalem Falls is embedded below

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  1. Its beautiful and not polluted, an awesome place I am sure.

  2. You are right. The Arvalem Falls is a little but famous fall in Goa. It is located near the Rudreshwar Temple. I have visited Goa last year before crate lake bus tour san Francisco with my friends to enjoy the holidays. You know this fall is known as Holidays home in Goa. You can visit this fall after the copious monsoon. It is the best time to visit this site. This fall is best for shooting spot.


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