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My video channel and recent gopro videos

Since I last wrote this post about video editing experience, I’ve made a few more videos. I’ve now learnt somewhat effective usage of still photos in a video- using movie maker, I am able to generate small video clips out of still photos, by inducing simple animations like panning, zoom etc into them. (Go Pro studio didn’t seem to have effective functions for this, or at least I couldn’t figure out).

Creating a video project results in generating another 5-10 GB of data on the hard disc- once video is produced, I have a tough choice- either to retain the project and delete source video files, or delete the project and retain the source video files (this is purely to reclaim disc space, not required if you have TBs of free space). I’ve currently opted to delete the project and retain the source files- this means if I have to make some changes to the video, I will have recreate everything- which is fine, because it gives me lots of flexibility.

Generating the output file from GoPro studio and then uploading them to youtube are the two activities that take maximum time- one minute video takes 1 hour on an average for these 2 activities combined. Because of this, even when I find small errors/possible improvements, I don’t find like reworking on the project, given the time and effort it takes. If there’re lots of viewers or some other motive, this spending more effort makes sense.

Below are some of my recent videos- you might have already seen them in some of the recent posts or in my social media channels. I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel, where you can view my newly added videos as soon as they are live.

1. Dusit Thani Hua Hin resort preview (Blog post here)


2. Crab Release activity in Thailand's Sirinath Rajini Centre for Mangrove studies [Blogpost here]

3. Suryagarh video preview [Review of Suryagarh here]

Visit to the wine yard

Bangkok Dinner Cruise. [Blogpost here]

Doodhsagar falls visit by train [Blogpost here]

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Appreciate any comments/suggestions on these videos

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