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Haunted Three Kings Church, Goa, shown in Boothnath movie

Three kings church is a small church located on a hill top, somewhere between Panjim and Madgao, near Verna and Velsao, in Cansaulim village of South Goa. It is closer to Verna railway station and is visible easily at a distance once you're in the area.  Refer Map at the bottom of the post.

This Three Kings church was reportedly showcased in Boothnath movie  (first edition, not Boothnath returns). On January 6th, every year,  I am told some celebrations take place here.

The name, Three Kings church, is reportedly arrived at because of Three Portugese Kings who, during their attempt to Capture Goa, met in this Church for some strategy meeting and one of the Kings poisoned the other two. Since then, few believe the church is haunted!

The church was locked, so we couldn't go inside. But what was more interesting is the view we can see from this hill top.

Below are the photos of beautiful Goan country side, as seen from the Three Kings church hill

The church seemed to be lacking maintenance and seldom used. Campus has lots of trees to sit under, few benches and is ideal place for a short visit.
No toilets, water or any other facilities are available uphill.

Church location on map below
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  2. Lovely blog!
    For a first hand experience of the haunted church at Goa, visit https://kaypeesblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/the-haunted-church/

  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that your information is incorrect or misguided. The Three Kings Church is named after the Three Kings, who are referenced in the Christian Bible, who visited and presented gifts during the birth of the baby Jesus. The feast of the Three Kings is celebrated annually worldwide on January 6th as that's said to be the date the kings arrived after the birth of Jesus. I was raised and live in Goa and never have I heard of your claim of any Portuguese kings who poisoned anyone, it's just a story made up by misinformed individuals who probably had no clue about Christian beliefs.

  4. Bieng a Christian, I was literally thinking, why would someone name a holy place which is something unrelated to it, i too thought it could be 'three kings church' , kings who visited infant Jesus


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