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Erawan falls and National Park Kanchanaburi

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Erawan falls is a series of waterfalls inside Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi area, but unfortunately we could explore only the first 2 levels. Rest of the levels close by 4PM and we were little late to reach there. Though I’d been to Kanchanaburi twice earlier, this was my first visit to Erawan falls. If only we had reached an hour earlier, we could have explored it much better. But then, there is always a next time.

The Name Erawan is the Thai equivalent for Airavata, a mythological elephant with multiple tusks. [DetailsPristine and pure waterfalls here are very inviting and photogenic. 

First falls

  The second falls
We walked all the way from the parking area to the falls. But there’s a service of electric kart which can be availed, for senior citizens or anyone who is lazy to watch.

Swimming is allowed. 

Erawan national parks and falls can easily take half day minimum to explore properly. Should visit again.


  1. Looks surreal. Lovely captures, Shrinidhi.

  2. Wonder place and lovely photographs... :-)

  3. The pictures are beautiful Shrinidhi.Did you take a dip in?

  4. @Ankita: Unfortunately No.. was very tempted, but we were short on time and also no one else showed interest in taking a dip.

    Datta: True.

  5. This blog post is very informative for me because I never used to visit the Erawan falls and National Park Kanchanaburi. Now I wish to visit this lovely park. The photographs of the Erawan falls shown above reminded me my tour experience though bus tours to niagara from nyc. Shrinidhi! Have you ever been to Niagara Falls?


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