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Dusit Thani Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

We had a surprise welcome at Dusit Thani, a great resort in the town of Hua Hin, Thailand, where we spent 2 nights. As we got down from the bus, the resort staff gave us a warn welcome, in the form of a dance and a welcome rose each. This was a pleasant surprise. Do watch the video below.

Video preview of our Dusit Thani Hua Hin Experence

Dusit Thani is a vast resort. It takes couple of days just to explore this resort fully. Below are the details on what I found at Dusit Thani, Hua Hin, during my 2 night stay last month.

Key highlights at Dusit Thani Hua Hin:
  1. An Olympic size swimming pool and a secondary pool
  2. A separate building for wedding/conference/parties so that main guests aresn't disturbed- this conference room can seat a max of 800 people.
  3. Option of All Vegetarian Menu
  4. Close to 300 rooms suiting different budget ranges, from superior rooms to presidential suites.
  5. Four tennis courts and a golf course nearby
  6. All other standard facilities
All Vegetarian dinner: On the evening we checked in, we had an all vegetarian menu for lunch. This was a great surprise, as vegetarian food is not very common in Thailand. 

A pianist played soothing music.
Nice chandelier in the dining area attracts lots of attention.

Dining area is adjacent to their Olympic size swimming pool, hence the view is great in the day time. 
They also served nice tender coconuts with dinner, which I savored twice. Keeping all 5-star etiquette  aside, I asked them to cut open the coconut so that I can eat the malai (meat) inside, which they facilitated. However, next morning when I asked for coconut, I was told they are not part of breakfast and will cost THB 165 each. With normal price of 25-30 baht, I was prepared to pay 2-3 times given that it is a 5 star hotel, but 165 baht forced me to keep quiet.

Pool Area: The Olympic size swimming pool is pretty large, coupled with small pools and another secondary pool. 

But on the downside, beach was not the best- had some dirty mud (watch the video above). If you need clean beach, you will have to walk a bit.

Rooms: My room had view of secondary swimming pool. Other rooms have view of the main swimming pool. Few premium rooms open to ocean view (shown below).
Dusit Thani's suits cost about THB 10000 a night during peak season and are cheaper at 7000-8000 baht a night during off peak season/for those who book long term. 
My room had an open able window into the bathroom, which could be opened or closed from the room side, not from bathroom. Not a good option when on twin sharing with strangers. (Person in the room can open it and see what's happening in the bath room). All hotels in Thailand seem to have a practice opposite to other countries- if you wish to keep the bed-sheets changed, then you need to keep a card on the bed... whereas elsewhere, the practice is that if you Don't want the sheets to be changed, then you keep the card on the bed.

Wake up call service is automated- manual would have been nice. Couldn't figure out how to tell the system that I am wide awake and ready and no need for a follow up call.

Dusit Thani entrance:

Dusit Thani lobby has a place where the King and other VVIPs would sit when they visit and write their feedback.

There's lots of greenery in the campus. Due to tight schedule, we couldn't check out the spa, tennis court and many other facilities.

Lots of space: open area in our floor- in this much area, a Bangkok hotel would fit a restaurant, bar and a spa...

Wedding Destination: Thailand is actively promoting itself as a perfect wedding destination. Many super rich families now plan the grand weddings outside of their country, even if it includes several crores in expenses- to fly hundreds of guests, booking rooms for them and conducting various rituals. Hotels like Dusit Thani are perfectly geared up for such a demand, with a separate conference room/wedding hall building that can accommodate max 800 pax. This building is slightly away from main campus, so as not to disturb the regular guests.

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