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Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, Rajastan-First impressions

I am currently put up in Suryagarh, a luxury 5 star hotel in Jaisalmer, Rajastan, along with a dozen other bloggers and writers. This is my second visit to Rajastan, after having visited Jaipur last year. Jaisalmer is about 300kms from nearest airport, so reaching here needs time and patience. It was a long journey yesterday-wake up at 3.30, leave home by 4AM, flight at 6.25, 4 hour waiting in Mumbai, reach Jodhpur by 3PM, another 5 yours on the road to finally reach Suryagarh in Jaisalmer by about 8PM. But the place is absolutely worth all the trouble involved in reaching here.

We are still to experience the hotel, city and the nearby attractions. However thought it will be good to share some early pictures.

Suryagarh hotel resembles a palace in a fort. I was under the impression that a century old fort/palace might have been converted into a hotel. However it was clarified last night that hotel was conceptualized and built from scratch some 4 years ago. Suryagarh largely draws its inspiration from Amer Fort near Jaipur [Details]
The central area is eye catching, to say the least. What you see here are the early morning photos. Once sun comes up, hoping to get some better pictures.

Suryagarh has 5 different types of rooms- we had the luxury of staying in some of the best rooms. The suites are massive units, with a large living room, a small meeting room, a large bedroom & bathroom and a secondary toilet for guests. Visit some photos below for quick reference. These are not the best of the pics- clicked last night using GoPro because of its wide angel effect and easy to transfer and publish app.

Large living room
Large bathroom

 View from my room
Our wake up call was a nice melody being played by a musician... Do watch the video below

Stay tuned to my twitter handle for more updates. The 2 day plan includes a temple trail, desert (no not the ice cream, the actual one) experience, city tour and few more.


  1. no words for pics ...its awesome!

    Rajasthan is one of my favourate place to visit.

  2. Have you used a fish-eye lens? The pics look different.

  3. @Tomichan: It is a gopro camera,which captures images in wide angle...

    @Niranjan: Thanks

    @Mahesh: Do visit... now is the best time

  4. wow awesome, i love Jaisalmer been there last year would love to explore that place. Well whats the tariff of this palace you stayed?

  5. It's obvious you are having a great time. The description and pics are wonderful.

  6. Nice pictures. Which lens did you use?

  7. Renuka: most of the above were clicked using GoPro Hero3+

    More details here

    @Nimi: Thanks.

    @Lata Saun:Pls refer this link for listed tariff rates- starts from 12000 onwards, but there could be various offers- do check the offer page as well


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