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Historic Hua Hin Railway Station, Thailand

Hua Hin Railway station is probably one of the most beautiful railway stations in Thailand. It is also the oldest in Thailand. Its beautiful red and white design, wooden structure makes it very eye catching. We visited Hua Hin station during night time and some photos below for your reference.

Station is open 24 hours, but trains operate between 6.30AM and 11.20PM.

Hua Hin station also has a King's waiting room- which is believed to be the key attraction here- we couldn't see that in the night.

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  1. Looks very nice, loved the captures. I see it's almost isolated, is it because it is offbeat or it was night time?

  2. So Colourful and vibrant... surroundings that makes one feel happy and energetic, I think.

  3. Deepak: Thanks

    Jatin: because it was late in the night and because I clicked these avoiding few people who were around

    Nimi: Thanks

  4. The Historic Hua Hin Railway Station in Thailand is a charming testament to the country's rich railway heritage, exuding timeless elegance and nostalgia. A must-visit for historical trip and travelers alike! https://historicaltrip.com


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