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Cruise from Chennai/Mumbai on Jalesh Cruises 45k onwards

Good to see some companies introducing cruise options in India. Long ago, I had written about this company -Amet Cruises which attempted to Introduce cruise service from Chennai and Kochi, but I think it didn’t take off and company has shut shop

Last year Mumbai-Goa cruise was launched by Angria Cruises, giving people in west coast an option to experience ocean cruise at reasonable price.  - it costs almost 12000 INR one way for single occupancy, after factoring meals, single occupancy supplement or 16k for 2 pax.

There were more news of Mumbai-Male-Srilanka cruise  from Costa Cruise, but not sure if they are still in business. Website shows ‘SOLD OUT’ till march and won’t let us see availability for future.

Now there’s a new option. Jalesh Cruises.

This new company is offering Cruises from Mumbai and Chennai

Below are the details
Advertised Amount
(Starter Room)
Minimum Amount for 1 person *1
Amount for 2 pax
Amount for 4 pax
Chennai-High Seas-Chennai
44500 INR

Chennai-High Sea-Vizag-Chennai
73000 INR

Mumbai-High Seas-Mumbai
*1 =after tax, single user supplement

Below are some points to keep in mind while booking cruises
  • While advertised amount by Jalesh Cruise, of 17500 may look less, cruise companies won’t sell single ticket. You will have to book a room, so you will be charged minimum for 2 person (some companies charge a single user supplement which is like 70% extra. 
  • Port charge in Chennai is about 6700 INR, Tax Extra, so the total amount touches 40-50k easily, which is just not worth it for an overnight cruise in my opinion. And this is for the inside room, with no window or balcony or enough space. Premium cabins cost a lot more. If you have lots of disposable cash or some special occasion to celebrate may be it will be worth.
  • It is cheaper to go in larger groups, in multiples of 2 or 4. One room on Jalesh Cruise can accommodate up-to 4 people, so if you're a group of 4 people, per person cost will be lot lower.
  • Thankfully there’s NO ‘Convenience fee’ added on top of all above fees, like most airline do.
  • Basic meals are usually included, but lots of services are to be purchased at extra cost.
There would have been high demand for Chennai-Port Blair cruise- not sure why the Jalesh Cruise company didn’t consider it.

Value proposition of spending such a huge amount is questionable. I won’t spend 40-50k for a 2 day ex-Chennai Cruise. If you're a group of 4 people, per head will be about 20k, which is probably more sensible amount.

Looks like the ship will first do its duty in Mumbai during April 2019 and ex-Chennai from May 2019.

In 2016 I did an overnight cruise with Star Cruises Pisces ex-Hong Kong. It cost me about 24k for 2 people, could have been a bit cheaper if I had booked earlier. So instead of spending 40-50k for an ex-Chennai cruise, I would suggest try a short cruise from Singapore/Hong Kong or other international destinations whenever you plan a visit to those countries. The ships will be much bigger, rates will be bit cheaper and you will have a better experience/value for your money.

What do you think of above cruise? Are you excited? Do you find it unaffordably expensive? Would you have booked if it was bit cheaper? Let me know.

You can check more details on But don’t go by numbers shown in home page. Make your selections and go till payments page to know total amount you will be paying.

Disclaimer: All information based on what is available in public domain and company website. Seems to be a new firm. Please use your discretion.


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