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5 things to keep in mind before visiting Oceania!

Have you ever heard of Oceania? This geographic region is made up of 14 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, and the French Polynesia, to name a few. While Oceania should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you travel to this region.

The prices may shock you 
There’s a reason why so many people apply for a working visa when they go to Australia, and that’s because it’s actually rather expensive. This is the same across the whole of Oceania, which means you may need to budget more than you would elsewhere. In Australia specifically, there’s very little chance of you finding a bed in a hostel for less than AU$40 a day. This, coupled with food and transportation, means that you will need at least AU$100 every single day of your travels. Because of this, it may take you longer to save up what you need for an Oceanian trip. Refer these posts for some tips- Australia on Budget * New Zealand on Budget

The scenery is second to none 
Oceania is one of the most impressive regions in the world, and it’s fair to say that these countries and islands are truly a sight to behold. From small islands to larger countries, each destination within Oceania offers something new. Australia offers the Outback, New Zealand offers Hobbiton and rolling fields, Fiji offers volcano after volcano, and there even more tropical islands to explore. With this in mind, it’s always best to ensure that you have your favorite camera to hand, and you have some comfortable walking boots to take it all in. You can rent a car with your home country license in Australia, New Zealand and explore on your own

The opportunities are endless 
With so many destinations in Oceania to choose from, it’s fair to say that the opportunities are endless when it comes to activities and trips. These range from physical activities such as diving and swimming, through to wandering around art galleries and museums. If you’re that way inclined, you can even dance the nights away! According to The Secret Traveler blog at 1Cover, Queenstown in New Zealand is one of the best party towns in the world. Why not see if that’s true yourself?

You’ll need to be flexible
Although it’s always good to have a plan in place when it comes to your traveling adventures, sometimes it will serve you well to ditch your schedule and embrace the spontaneity. Oceania is a hugely diverse region with so many opportunities on offer. Because of this, you may find that you like one city, town, or even one whole country more than the other. By making yourself as flexible as possible, you can pick and choose where you want to go – and you can even stay in one particular place if you love it that much!

The animals aren’t always your friends 
No matter where you go in the world, you’re always going to be greeted with weird and wonderful animals. This is no different in Oceania. Although all of these countries are full of animals you may not get at home, Australia is particularly full of critters you don’t want to cross. In fact, this country has the highest concentration of creatures that can cause fatalities in the world, so it’s important to be on the lookout. Do your research before you leave, and make sure you take necessary precautions.

Oceania is up there as one of the most impressive regions in the world, so why not book your flights? If you have any other advice for those looking to travel to Oceania, comment below.

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