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What's new at Airlineblog India in Jan 2019?

Here's a quick summary of key posts published in my Airlineblog.

The Oman Air Mess.
January 25-27, Oman Air sold ultra low price tickets between Delhi-Tehran-Delhi return for just about 6000-7000 INR. Thousands of people were tempted by this low fare and made their bookings. [Details]. However after few days Oman Air refused to honor these tickets citing technical glitch. This triggered massive protests, some legal notices and so on. Oman air made matters worse by not making any official statement, not offering any compensation, not responding to tweets and sending mails that full refund will NOT be given. [Details]. Could have been lot simpler if Oman Air had decided to cut their losses, honor the tickets and stand to gain lots of new customers, free publicity and goodwill. But with this mess, they are shaking confidence among customers and make their future promotions lot more doubtful.

Air Asia vs Scoot
Have done a detailed comparison comparing the two Asia based low cost airlines. Find out which one fares better overall here.

Visiting Dili, East Timor
If you're looking for newer destinations to visit, Dili could be one. Located above Australia and beyond Indonesia, East Timor is a relatively new country less explored by tourists. Read all the details in this post on visiting Dili from India

Spicejet Rs 800 convenience fee
Spicejet has increased convenience fee to Rs 800 per round trip for international passengers. Might be possible to avoid this either by using gift card or paying at airport counters (as per twitter handle)

Chennai-Port Blair return for Rs 5206
Air India has low fare tickets from Chennai to Port Blair- Just Rs 5206 for a return ticket. Still available for various date ranges (try from June to September)- More details here

A quick review of Brunei airport
Read here if interested

Star Air is now live
Star Air is India's newest and youngest airline, with one aircraft and flights between Bengaluru-Hubli, Tirupati and Belgaum. Read more details here

Air Deccan 2.0 packs up
While one airline is born, another has died. Air Deccan 2.0 is now history. Details here

Had written a few more posts about Malindo, Srilankan, Jet airways sales, which are redundant now as the sale is over.

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  1. Started to follow your Airline blog recently, interesting stuff for sure, I rarely seen Bloggers making use of this niche, it's really handy when you want to explore all the possible options when you travel via Air. Best wishes.


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