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Cheapest place to stay in Delhi-Nomadia hostel?

This weekend, I spent a night in Delhi. I stayed at Nomadia Hostel by Anara Homes and Villas located in Greater Kailash 2 (GK2)

I paid only Rs 250 per night. I think this is the cheapest decent bed you can get anywhere in Delhi. Thus I thought of writing this post, to inform more people about the Nomadia Delhi hostel and share some photos & my experience.

What do you get for Rs 250?
For 250, you get the following at Nomadia Hostel by Anara Homes & Villas
  • A place to stay in Delhi within 300 meters from a metro station (Greater Kailash, Exit 3- longer access in night as a gate is closed)
  • A small sleeping area, roughly 2.5 meters in length, about a meter in height and width (rough estimates)- It is not large enough for you to move around- you will be able to sit if you're not tall or well built.
  • A decent sized locker under the bed
  • Access to a living room where you can relax, watch TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Kitchen access, with some complementary coffee and milk powders using which you can have some coffee/tea etc
  • Shared bathroom/toilet
  • Some more common areas to relax
  • Opportunity to interact with other guests- possibly from around the world.
How big is the bed?
Refer image below- it is good enough to slide in and sleep. When I returned fully tired, this much space is more than enough- I lie down and fall asleep within minutes. Experience is very similar to Capsule Hotels of Japan
Bathroom was fine. A rubber or plastic mat on the floor would have been nice, as the floor was always wet and slippery.
Staff were friendly. No complaints.
Breakfast options are available, I left early so didn't wait for breakfast. In fact probably it was a mistake. At Saravana Bhavan Delhi (opp Janpath metro), the price was more than 2x-3x of what it costs in Chennai. I spent more on breakfast than my overnight stay.

WiFi was good in living room, poor in my bed.

Security is good- there's CCTV surveillance and security guards manning road entrance.

Ventilation- I didn't notice a concern. AC is available.
Some friends on facebook including blogger Ragini Puri raised fire and safety concerns. How to evacuate safely in case of fire. This is a genuine concern. Getting out of my room to an open area involved multiple turns, opening 2 doors, climbing few stairs etc. Unless you've proper situational awareness, orientation and ability to sense trouble and evacuate quickly, this could be a trouble in case of real emergencies. Fire emergencies are rate but do happen, like this very latest Delhi hotel fire in Karol Bagh. (17 people died in the incident)

Most budget accommodations will have this risk-ever increasing urban demand for accommodation means rooms are getting smaller, buildings getting closer and in a bid to maximize revenue, safety often takes back seat. A bit of risk is always involved, even if you book a more expensive hotel.

Note that they have more spacious and other room options- of course for a slightly higher rent if you wish.

There will be limited parking on the streets, as it seems to be private residential area with barricades and security guards deployed to prevent entry/parking of unauthorized vehicles. Do check with them in case you need parking space.

You may have to climb to upper bed- lower bed may not be guaranteed. This will need some effort and may not be convenient to all. But this risk is there in any hostel.

Reaching Nomadia Hostel in Delhi:
From IGI Airport T3, I took a shuttle bus that dropped me off near Delhi Metro's Magenta Line's IGI Terminal 1 D entrance, from where I could take metro to Greater Kailash. You can reach hostel for about 50-60 Rs this way using bus and metro.

Attractions: Lotus temple is the closest attraction-4-5 kms, Rs 5 in bus+ walking, other attractions can be reached via bus/metro. Akshardham/Cannaught Place etc are about an hour + from GK

Disclaimer: Information as per personal experience. Rates may change over time and other factor, individual expectations and experiences may vary.

Aware of a cheaper/more value for money hostel in Delhi? Do comment.

You may book your stay at Nomadia Hostel, Delhi using this link

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