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The Monk’s Bunk budget hostel, Kaunas

I’ve stayed in about 4 hostels in 4 different European cities so far. The Monk’s Bunk in Kaunas, Lithuania has been the best overall experience so far.

Monk’s Bunk is located at the heart of Kaunas city, has lots of open space, a decent size locker which can take a normal backpack, decent kitchen, living room and 2 bathrooms. Bathrooms have lots of accessories like gels, shampoos etc free for use.
Guests can rent a cycle (only 2 of them are available) for 1.5 Euro an hour or 9 Euro for whole day. I took one for an hour and cycled around the city a bit. Not all roads have dedicated lane for cycles, so I wasn’t sure if I should cycle on footpath or on the road with vehicles. Note that you will have to lift the cycle down and up some 25 steps as reception is in first floor.
But they have a rule that shoes are not allowed inside the room. Shoes are to be kept in a rack near reception and hostel provided chappals should be used inside. Little inconvenient but this helps in keeping place clean.
The room I spent 2 nights in had 4 bunker beds, totally accommodating 8 people. They have another similar room. Unlike the hostel in Brussels that didn’t have steps to climb to upper bunk, here climbing up was easy.

I spent 22 Euros for 2 nights, which was pretty cheap compared to what I spent in other cities.

For first timers, locating this hostel is little tricky, as there's no signage on the main road. We should go inside a yellow passage and then turn left to find it. Not difficult.

Many of key attractions in Kaunas are within walking distance from the Monk’s Bunk. Train station is little far, but bus stations, including airport bus stop are very close. There’s an Indian Restaurant, Radharane nearby- didn’t like their food so much, but that is in a separate post.

Flashing your Monk’s Bunk key gets you 10-20% discount in few select restaurants around the hostel. (10% in Radharane)

There’s a 10 Euro deposit for the key. Guests have been leaving behind their country flags on kitchen wall. Someone from India have been here already.
Staff are friendly. You can pickup some free maps and other tourist info from the reception. (I had to spend 1 Euro on map in Brussels)

I believe they have a few branches. If you find them in the city you’re planning to go, do book without any hesitation. I can’t say the same about other hostels I had been in. Be sure to take your own towel. Not included in the package in most European hostels.

Refer to my 7 point checklist while booking hostel rooms.


  1. Yeah pretty decent hostles, I like the Kitchen wall where visitors have put their flags on, good review.

  2. Nice to see you exploring the city like a backpacker and making use of all your weekends :) Love that wall wish I can have one full of pictures from all around the world :)

  3. Thanks for the review.:)
    Sriram & Krithiga


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