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Madagascar Lemurs at Tropikariet, Helsingborg

While I wait for my connecting flight at Amsterdam Schipol airport, let me tell you about a unique private zoo I visited some 7 weeks earlier- in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Tropikariet as it is known, is a small indoor zoo. It is privately owned and maintained and houses some rare animals from different parts of the world. What is unique about this Tropikariet Zoo is the way visitors get to experience animals. Unlike other zoos the animals in Tropikariet are not caged. They roam around freely (but within the floor/building. Tropikariet is NOT an open air zoo) and visitors pass through the floor in a pre-defined path, with animals moving around freely.

World's smallest monkey from South America, Lemurs from Madagascar, Meerkats of Africa are few of the popular animals at Tropikariet.

In this post, I am sharing some pictures of the Lemurs. About other animals and attractions at the zoo will write a separate post.

Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to touch the animals or feed them. This kind of limits the experience, but I guess the rule is critical to ensure that both animals and visitors are not harmed. Feeding wrong stuff or mishandling them could cause injuries.
Selfie with Lemur- they are fearless and go about their business of jumping around without bothering the visitors.

Madagascar section in ground level is the best part of Tropikariet. Standby for more.

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