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Colourful Cariber Flamingo birds at Copenhagen Zoo

Cariber Flamingos are a variety of African birds that I saw in Copenhagen zoo. With their red+ orange colour they are very attractive. The are always busy cleaning themselves with their beacon, standing on one leg, so it is very difficult to capture their clear neck.

See their group picture below- every single bird is busy cleaning itself, has no time to keep its neck up for a moment!
Looking at my camera from the corner of its eye!
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  1. wow, beautiful color and really long neck. Nice shots, Shri :)

  2. And what a pretty picture they make, particularly the second one!

  3. The seem to be obsessed with cleanliness...beautiful creatures though!

  4. They are simply beautiful! I just feel a little bad that they are in a zoo and not out in the open...

  5. Lovely looking birdies(: the flamingos.

  6. Thanks Rupam, Andaop, Siddhartha, Alok and Mridula


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