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AirAsia Big Sale benchmark prices! Know if your fare is cheapest or not

I see that air asia is launching several big sales back to back. But I don’t find the current sale ticket fares exciting enough. Also Air Asia is hiding a useful information- not showing rates on adjacent dates. What this means is that now you’ve to try every possible date combination one by one. If you don’t you might miss out a much cheaper fare available a day or two adjacent to your planned date.

Above: Earlier booking screen where rates on adjacent dates could be easily seen, to select best date. Pic courtesy this site. For example, in above scenario, changing departure date to 6th Jan or 11th Jan instead of 8th Jan could save 40 MYR. It was very easy to identify.
Below: That feature is now hidden. So we've to manually try hundreds of combinations to identify best deal.
Update: Above feature seems to be restored now. I guess it is disabled only during sale, so that at least one way customers may buy slightly higher priced ticket.

Below are my Air Asia benchmark fare index- based on what I have seen over years. If you get a fare within 10-15% of these or lower, then consider it a great deal, go ahead and book, else wait for some other sale or try alternate dates to get better deals.
Origin-Destination (Round trip, NOT one way)
Best price I’ve seen (return)
Chennai- Bangkok
INR 7000 all inclusive

Chennai – Kuala Lumpur
INR 7000 all inclusive
Chennai – Sydney or Melbourne
INR 23000 all inclusive
Anything under 30k round trip is great deal to these cities or Gold Coast. Keep in mind Visa cost of 8300 (Details), expensive stay etc.

Getting right combination of cheap fare for both onward and return dates will be extremely tricky.
Also check: Australia on Budget
INR 19000 all inclusive
Perth is not the best destination in Australia
Chennai- Bali/Jakartha
INR 14000 all inclusive

Chennai- Bengaluru
Rs 990 all inclusive
This fare may not be possible anymore since DGCA mandated 15kg free checkin bag
Rs 9900
all inclusive
Bag not included
Chennai-Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
Rs 10680
Bag not included
Chennai-Phnom Penh
Rs 11000
Bag not included
Rs 17000 all inclusive
With 20kg bag
Chennai-Osaka (Japan)
Rs 20500 all inclusive
Without bag
Chennai-Honolulu (Hawaii, US)
Rs 38000 all inclusive
Without check-in bag

Keep in mind when I found above fares and traveled (few of them) they were sort of early days of Air Asia in India. We may never find such low fares anytime soon, as Air Asia is now well established. Idea of this post is to help you get an idea of what could be the best possible fare and how close the fare you see is to this all-time best fare.
Read this post to know how to make the most of Air Asia Big Sale. 2017 Long weekend calendar is here, to know what dates you can use with minimum leave.

Happy journey!

What is the lowest fare you've flown on Air Asia? which segment and when? Do share, so that others can have an idea.

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  1. Hope to find a good deal for the Philippines and Australia :) Thanks for all the tips and tricks

  2. Not Air Asia but the lowest I have flown was Rs.499 (all inclusive) way back in 2004 or 2005 I think. Silchar (ISX) - Kolkata (CCU).

    The lowest I had seen was BLR-SIN RETURN Rs.7999/- by Tiger Air but it seems these things are history now!


  3. @Rajiv:
    That is great. My lowest is Rs 700+ round trip Chennai Goa, Rs 900 round trip Chennai Bengaluru etc

    Recently citrix payment gateway and tiger air ran some promo-whoever spent 5000+ on citrix could book return ticket at 50% off on tiger air- but some condition like 2/4/6 people etc. It was coming to 14000 for 2 people.

    You might just get lucky on some day, don't loose hope

  4. @Swati
    Best wishes. Australia can be booked for 26-30k


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