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Top 5 innovative digital companies in India (2015)

If there is one thing that has drastically changed the way business to consumer relation has been so far, it is the power of new media. With a smart phone in hand and a bunch of popular social media platforms, the consumers today can make or break a brand. Consumers of today are well informed, doesn't hesitate to appreciate/criticize what they feel right or wrong and in the process, everyone's thought process is influenced. For brands this means the spending pattern and decisions of their prospective customers is getting dynamic and unpredictable by the hour. What product to to make, what to promote, how to approach a consumer is getting trickier. Wrong move can be counter productive. Today there are a dozen platforms where consumers generate tons of digital stuff every second. Interpreting this huge data and trying to make a business decision out of it for future profits is no easy task. This is where new media experts come into play. Over years many digital agencies are using their expertise of new media and their digital innovations to help brands take right decisions and adopt right strategies. Who are these companies? Why are they best? Let us take a look at top 5 innovative digital companies.

1 TO THE NEW Digital: To The New Digital is 600+ strong team of new media experts spread across the world in 7 countries/9 offices catering to clients in 30+ countries. TO THE NEW Digital combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing plus of course the content for digital transformation of their customers “Yes we’re present on facebook and twitter” to “Yes, we’re now able to optimize our profits and customer delight through effective use of new media and its insights”. Do check TO THE NEW Digital’s case study section for some very useful insights on how the social power combined with analytics can make a lot of difference. TO THE NEW Digital helps with both consulting as well as execution. Thus there is an ownership of results promised. (Many other agencies limit themselves to providing strategies and when they fail to convert, blame game begins as to whose fault it is). No doubt some of the best brands in the world are among TO THE NEW Digital's client list.

2 Echovme Chennai
Echovme is a Chennai based firm focused largely on Social Media trainings and consulting. Having trained more than 2000+ professionals in 100+ workshops, Echovme and its Thinker in Chief Sorav Jain are much sought after in terms of Social Media trainings and related activities. I’ve seen them in business for over 6-7 years now- their young and dynamic team is very capable of handling tricky campaigns and events.

3. Pinstorm
Pinstorm has some of the leading banks, news channels and coffee chains as its clients. Based in Mumbai, Pinstorm offers digital services around strategy, viral videos, advertising, social research, user experience, mobile-friendliness, search optimization, Facebook and twitter campaigns, real-time listening and responses as a seamless set of tactics to achieve a brand’s social influence targets

4. MSL Group
With 100+ offices across 26 countries, MSL Group has a strong digital footprint besides its regular PR arm. MSL is not deep into analytics but is focused on events and experiences, corporate and brand citizenship, reputation management and other forms of digital services. Serving 12 + verticals, MSL group is number 4 on my list.

5. Web Chutney
Selecting the fifth one has been a tough task, as there’re hundreds of social media agencies, digital new media companies in India. However after some assessment I would put Webchutney at number 5.
With a 200+ team of professionals and presence in major cities in India, Webchutney caters to a wide array of clients. Their main focus is on online advertising, mobile marketing, application development, SEO&Analytics, web design and social media campaigns.


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