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How snakes, dogs and bees see things?

We humans have certain level of colour sensitiveness and we see things the way we see it through our eyes. Ever wondered how it looks like for other animals? Do they see the exact way as we see it? Eye design for different animals are different and hence they don't necessarily see things the way we see it.

At Atomium, Brussels, Belgium, at one of the levels, there was live demonstration of how snakes, dogs and bees see things around them. As you stand infront of a camera, it would display our images exactly as these animals see it. Refer photos below.

How dogs see things? 
Dogs sense Violet-blue and Yellow- light green colours effectively. Other colours do not appear to them as is but in a variation of these colours. Below photo explains how a child and dog see same object in two different colours. But note that dogs have much better sensibility to things even in darkness. They can also process images a bit faster than humans.

How snakes see things!
As you may know snakes do not have much of visual recognition of things. They sense more with heat and vibration. Snakes can track temperature difference to the extent of 0.003 degree centigrade. They calculate direction and distance of their target based on this temperature sensing.

Below is how a snake would see me!

 How bees see things?
 Standby for more.

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