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Devils' Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

We know many heroes- real life, virtual and mythological. These heroes are popular because they fought the evil forces. While we remember and worship heroes, shouldn’t a part of credit go to those who made these heroes popular- i.e. the villains or evil forces who caused all the trouble for these heroes. If everything was smooth, clean, honest and painless, the heroes will have no work to do. (If there was no Ravana, then what purpose did Rama have? The story wouldn’t be half as juicy as the Ramayana as we know it). So to remember such evil character, somewhere in the world there is one museum dedicated to devils.

In Kaunas, Lithuania, Europe, there is a Devils' Museum. This museum has collection of various evil characters popular in various parts of the world. I happened to visit them during my visit to Kaunas.

Devils' Museum is one of the key attractions in Kaunas, Lithuania. I went there on a Sunday evening at about 4.45 PM. Lady at the ticket counter said they are about to close. I asked how much time it would take to check out the museum.  "About 1 hour" was the reply. I asked if I can take a look within next fifteen minutes- whatever I can see- since I can't come back tomorrow. (Devils' museum is closed on Monday like most other museums) She said fine and even the 2 Euro entry fee she refused to collect.

So during next 15 minutes I had a quick run around the three floors of the Devils' museum. Below are some of the pictures and brief details.

I didn’t pay specific attention to the devils below. As I was about to leave, the caretaker lady called me and asked me to take a close look at them. This is Hitler and Stalin- two people responsible for deaths of millions of people during their administration. They are depicted as Devils.

The museum has Indian devils also- Ravana from the Ramayana folklore is depicted as devil along with few others.This is on level 3, where all foreign/international devils are housed :)
The count of devils inside the museum is said to be close to 3000. Apart from devils, the museum has few paintings, an area for children to play with colours and masks. As I said early I had to rush through my visit so couldn’t play close attention to everything inside.

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  1. Devil's Museum???Wow.Good to know our ravan is in international section :P Now all of them may be talking quietly and saying to each other 'Killing got us respect ;)' he he.Well one of my hubby's friend is from Lithuania and we always used to wonder what kind of country it is.Did you try the deserts there and chocolates?She got us some and they were too good.

  2. No I didn't try chocolates. Very difficult to find out which one has egg and other non veg items.Stuck with an Indian restaurant called Radharane which made food without potato, onion and garlic :)

  3. Devil's museum...

    I agree with Ankita, all killers in one place with fame & respect.

    But then I think given the choice I would have avoided it. :-) Can't see so many devils.

  4. @nisha- yes, no point visiting it when there're many surrounding us day in and day out... :)

    @Rupam: Thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing such unknown place and the story behind it...

  6. My most known devil now is Voldemort the Harry Potter villain... I guess that was not there... Stalin and Hilter devils are interesting here... interesting museum indeed.

  7. Hmm, don't remember seeing Voldemort in there, not sure if I missed in hurry.

    @T&T: You are welcome

  8. Hard to believe Harry Potter is surely very popular world over, makes sense to have the Voledemont as villain here...

  9. Interesting account. I would have loved to visit such a place. :)


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