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Royal Palace of Brussels-grand interiors!

After our free walking tour of Brussels, I went inside the Royal Palace of Brussels. It is located opposite the Brussels park and is locally called "Koninklijk Paleis van Brussel". Entry was free but we had to deposit our bags at the counter. It is open to public only between July 22 and September 6, so I was sort of lucky to be there in right time. This building is the official residence of the king and queen of Brussels. But our guide told us that this building feels too small for the king so they are residing in a bigger palace in the outskirts of the city.

Interiors were grand as expected. Lots of glass, gold plating and exquisite art work on everything. Full history of the palace is available on Wikipedia here, so I will focus more on the pictures I clicked.



Only a part of palace is open to public, but this small part has enough artifact and crafts-work to see that can awe you.


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