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Europeade 2015 at Helsingborg, Sweden: Exclusive pics n videos

When I went to Helsingborg on August 8th 2015, my first weekend in Europe this year, I was in for a pleasant surprise. There was an event called Europeade going on in Helsingborg. Europeade is a cultural festival where people dance in their European cultural attires. It is an initiative to create and retain European friendship through dance and music.

I understand Europeade is a 50 year old idea started in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1964. 

It was a memorable experience for me to see so many different colours of traditional European dresses all over. The town was full of such groups, all in their ethnic wears. As I wasn't expecting this when I landed in Helsingborg, it was like stepping into a goldmine unexpectedly.

As per wikipedia over 5000 people from all over Europe converge in the city where Europeade is held. Event goes on for several days, with several indoor and outdoor activities- mainly singing and dancing. Travel expense are taken care by individuals themselves and basic accommodation and food are arranged by the organizers.

I have captured few precious moments from Europeade Folk Dance Festival 2015 below. Hope you enjoy them.

I have made a few videos. These are unedited raw videos shot on Nikon. It is more enriching to watch these short videos than reading text. Hope you enjoy the videos. Those who were part of Europeade 2015 had free access to public transportation in Helsingborg.

Video 1: Europeade 2015 at Helsingborg, Sweden
Video 2: Europeade 2015 at Helsingborg, Sweden
Video 3: Europeade 2015 at Helsingborg, Sweden
Video 4: Europeade 2015 at Helsingborg, Sweden
Video 5: A melodious group song
For more videos, stay tuned to my Youtube channel, which has recently crossed 100 subscribers.

2016 edition will be held in Belgium. Read more posts on Europe and Sweden


  1. Wow! Too good. Loved seeing these pics.

  2. Beautiful captures! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You landed up in Helsingborg when such an enriching event was on! That's real luck.
    Thank for sharing the sights and sounds.

  4. Thanks Radhika

    I landed at Amsterdam also by luck- SAIL Amsterdam was on same weekend.

    My Belgium visit was not that lucky- there was a tanks in town event, but it was far from Brussels and timing and logistics were not working out..


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