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Hostel Louise, Brussels. Belgium-Average one

Louise hostel in Brussels was the cheapest option I had while I was searching for accommodation in Brussels. When I checked in map, it showed some 3.5 kms from city centre, so I thought it should be manageable.

But after our free walking tour of Brussels, I checked at a tourist information centre as to how to go to this hostel- this is what the staff there said “Why do you people book a hostel that far? There are many more nearby.. oh may be you don’t check  distance properly online” He asked me to take bus 71 and showed me from where to board.
Notice missing steps/ladder on beds

Yunis hostel is little far from city, but there is decent connectivity of bus and tram, so it is not that bad in terms of distance. But if you book closer, you will save a few precious hours.

Once I went inside, I was very disappointed. The passage is very narrow, bathroom and toilets are extremely congested and the bed didn’t have stairs to climb. I got upper berth and getting on to the bed was not easy. Also they use two beds which are super soft. Once you get on the bed you sink could of inches and if you are careless you may lose balance.
Above: Narrow passage of Hostel Louise and woods

WiFi is good. There is not much to see or do within walking distance of Hostel Louise- there are some woods- an Indian restaurant named Kohinoor is 2-3 kms away.

And I lost my key! Day 2 when I got up, I couldn’t locate my key. I checked everywhere- I had it when I came in last night, but now missing. Either it should be hidden somewhere in the room under bed/cot etc despite my extensive searching or another room mate took it with or without knowing (I don’t have any proof to make an allegation, so I just leave it as a possibility. I paid 20 Euros for the lost key.

Of the four hostels I have stayed so far- in Amsterdam (A&O), Brussels, Kaunas and Bergen, Hostel Louise was the least enjoyable. (Note that I have not used the word 'Worst'). It cost me some 22 Euros for a night, half of what I had paid in Amsterdam and twice of what I paid in Kaunas, Lithuania. Staff were nice, but just that hostel infrastructure is not that inspiring overall.

Of course I have not stayed in other hostels in Brussels to give a comparison, but from my experience, I feel one can safely try another hostel instead of Louise. Overall I do not recommend Hostel Louise, except when money saving is your major objective and Hostel Louise is 20-30% cheaper than next cheapest option. If you can find another hostel near to city, take it even if it is costing few  euros more.


  1. It comes down in t he end to what is more important to you - money or time. convenient location and time saving is more important to some people. Sure one can save 15$ but is that worth 1 hour of your time spent commuting to an area that has no good amenities? In some cases it is better to pay a little extra and enjoy the comfort. Also in some cities the poor location creates safety concern as well.
    In Paris, we stayed in the Montmartre area which is a little lower end than the central posh area but it was walking distance to some good sights as well. There were bakeries, laundy, indian food close by which was good to have on a vacation.

    You are working in a good profession. Probably your hourly worth is $100 and maybe your services could be billed at $200 for a client. So in the larger scheme, just pay a little extra Srinidhi!

  2. Thanks for the detailed comments Gauri...

    No comments on the last part... I try to save where possible and will spend where I feel like... Let us see how it goes. Checking out Swiss alps this weekend


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