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Park Hyatt Resort and Spa Goa

Park Hyatt resort, where we stayed during Ford Ecosport Media drive, has a beautiful campus. While we got to spend very little time here, I am sharing some photos of the hotel campus and brief notes on the experiences.

Park Hyatt room rent starts from Rs 7000 onwards. 24 hours of internet connection costs Rs 1200+ taxes. So it is not for the light wallet people. Don't ask me about laundry charges. Outside many rooms I could see dress materials laid out for drying- indicating that residents preferred to wash themselves.

Even the pool was very well designed, but as people were swimming I didn't click any photo. Campus is big enough to play leisurely and relax.
  Fairly posh interiors
Campus also has lots of birds flying around. Clicked a magpie and orange headed cattle egret in the campus.

Park Hyatt is located in Cansaulim, South Goa. Campus is 45 acres big and about 15 mins from Airport. Beach is also adjacent to the resort campus.

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