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Jackfruits- lesser known fruit

Jackfruit: Jackfruit is another lesser known fruit. It is a large fruit that hangs from tree trunk, often in groups. Jackfruit has large shell covering, before one gets to the fruit.

The unripe jackfruit (called Kadige in kannada) is used to make "Palya" (a side dish during meals)

Above: A fruit ladden jackfruit tree
Below: A section of the fruit, cut open

To enjoy the fruit, one needs to cut open the fruit, separate out the white sticky liquid and pluck out the fruit. Unless you're experienced, it can be a messy affair, as the sticky material tends to stick around your fingers and annoys you.

Jackfruit has two variants- called Bakke and Imba in coastal karantaka- not sure of their English equivalent names.

Jackfruit is also baked and converted into Happalam, which makes great snacks during rainy days.

The oats (beeja) of jackfruit is also consumable- often is baked and eaten or used in sambar.

Compared to Cashew, jackfruit is relatively easy to buy in cities. Push cart vendors sell them by piece or by kg. On intercity highways, you might find the whole fruit for sale.

Leaves of jackfruit tree are used to make Kadubu, a variant of Idli, popular breakfast item in South India.

Meanwhile, Sree Padre has shared below information about a bumper jackfruit harvest in drought hit vidharbha- read the article here

There're few other fruits in Jackfruit family, sharing similar looks and design.  A photo below

Another 5 years these fruits might completely vanish, because of reduced focus/interest in cultivating them and reduced patronage from customers. Only if consumers maintain some demand for these, the growers will continue to focus on these.

Both Cashew and jackfruit trees hardly need any maintenance.Once planted, they take few good years to grow (jackfruit needs decade) and then give out fruits year after year. We need to thank whoever planted these trees earlier and need to sustain them for future.


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