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Fast and Furious 6: Movie Review

I watched Fast and Furious 6 and this post is a brief review of the movie.

Like its previous editions, Fast and Furious 6 has enough action- cars, speed, action. But what it misses is a strong plot.

Everything is based around couple of computer chips, which if compromised, will enable enemies to wipe out power supply to cities for days. Most of the story is based on this. If someone can design such chips, they should also have provisions to wipe it out or disable it if needed. Why design it like a piece which keeps whole world vulnerable if compromised?

But then, movies need a story-Don used a DVD, many movies use pen drive, chips, codes and such stuff which form the epi-centre of everything. Can't blame the story writers. Let us leave that part and continue.

I am sure you've read about the plot- quick recap below
After a bounty securing during Rio-De-Janerio heist, the crew have retired all over the world, but they're asked to team up again and take a new task- preventing some sensitive chip from getting into wrong hands. Then a usual chase, smashing of cars and everything happens before Toretto and team destroys a cargo plane, kills all enemies, saves themselves and recovers the chip.

A bit of sentiments are thrown in. Why these guys don't secure their families while going after deadly criminal is something I don't understand. I guess they're busy making movies and never watch any. Almost all movies involve heros coming this close to achieve their mission, but villain walking away because later has managed to hold hero's family members at gun point. Dear writers and directors- please note: avoid making this fundamental mistake in future movies- ask your lead characters to cover their back and protect their loved ones, before starting a "save the world" mission.

Movie shows bits of Russia, Spain and London. I could see lots of similar thinking between James Bond's Skyfall and this movie (there also an ex military guy turns rogue, most of action happens around London)

Elena falls off the car while trying to save Han Seoul. No attempt was made to search for her. Lead characters don't die so easily, so searching around the runway would have helped find her, probably alive (same way Letty was alive while audience of previous episodes thought she is dead- I guess next sequel will throw light on it)

Fast and Furious 6 is worth a watch for those who love cars, speed and action


  1. Now its part 6, They are finished with stories. Nice Review.

  2. The perfect summer/popcorn movie - fast cars, beautiful women, unending action and lots of explosions. Must watch movie of F & F series...


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