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Cashew fruit- lesser known fruits

Can you name a dozen fruits? Apple, Mango, Orange, Pineapple .. the list might stop after few more names. In this post and the next, I'm trying to revive interest in two lesser known fruits- the jack-fruit and cashew.

We don't see them in any fruit juice centres, they're not available easily in any fruit shops or supermarkets, hence many of us who do not have a village background are oblivious to these fruits.

Cashew: We all use cashew nut extensively, but are ignorant about the fruit part of it. Each cashew nut is accompanied with a fruit, which can have different colours. Red, Orange, Yellow are common colours for cashew fruit. We had lots of cashew trees at our village decades ago, now only a handful remains.

Cashew fruit is not exactly sweet, but has its own taste. Also one should be careful not to spoil the dress while eating cashew fruit, as it emits a sticky liquid from the joint which separates the fruit from the tree.

There're few variants of cashew- namely Ullal-1, Ullal-2, Ullal-3, Ullal-4, UN-50, Bhaskara, Vengurla-1, Vengurla 4 etc. I am not vary familiar with these variants, but they're named by the time of the year they get ripe, shape of the fruit (few are small and round, like apple, while others grow little longer) etc

Below are some photos of cashew fruit I'd clicked recently. Note the young sibling in green. Roots of cashew saplings, which will be green in colour, are extremely tasty. It is very difficult to find such saplings.

Because of lack of promotion and patronage, cashew fruit doesn't have a great market. You don't get to buy them in a market. If you know someone who has a cashew farm, do visit during March-May period and enjoy the fruits.They are found in large numbers at coastal Karnataka and Kerala.

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  1. Wonderful Tasty fruit . I love it . Nice Pictures.

    Travel India

  2. Recently found the fruit in Commercial street in Bangalore(red one). It smells Yucky and tastes very differently.

  3. Deb: Thanks

    Be Money Aware: Yes, taste may not be to everyone's liking

  4. That was informative...and frankly speaking i wasn't aware of Cashew fruit...moreover the photos look exquisite...!!!

  5. Nidhi, my friend from Bangalore was not aware of Cashew fruit. He was surprised by my mention few years back.

  6. Also those who are interested in trying cashew fruit can consume it in the form of juice (concentrate or squash or syrup). In 20-30ml syrup add 7-8 times chilled water or chilled soda to prepare juice. Cashew Apple fruit contains 5 times more vitamin c than orange and has numerous benefits. I bought 700ml from .. the website lists benefits also.

  7. Upto 2005, in many states, Government only cultivates Jack Fruits farms in Forest Land which is a major revenue for them, but now its ignored by many states.

  8. Thanks for the valuable information. Some of them were unknown. Keep your article flooded with such true information


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