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Bubble Pond (Budbudache taal), Netravali, Goa

Budbudyanchi taal, also known as Bubble pond (or some half dozen other variants of this name, such as Budbud Talli etc) is a small temple pond somewhere in the deep interiors of Goa. The pond is said to release bubbles when someone claps or makes other sound.

Located in Netravali area of Sanquem taluk, this pond is next to the Gopinath temple

When we visited the pond, a bunch of youngsters, having banner of some rotaract club, were having masti in the water. We did spot continuous bubbles emerging from the pond, but couldn't ascertain their relationship to clapping sound,

Bubble lake on the Google maps

Bubble pond is about 76 kms from state capital Panjim and 30 odd kms from Madgaon. Probably because of the distance, budbud thalli doesn't often appear in the list of important tourist attractions of Goa. But the drive to the falls was super scenic and I enjoyed every bit of it.


  1. This is new to me.
    I am including this in my list to visit when I am there next.

  2. Sure Indrani.

    Drive to this place is very nice and there're a few waterfalls too (monsoon time only). Do visit


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