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Crystal Grill at Baiyoke Skyhotel- Dining at Bangkok's highest tower!

On our last night in Bangkok, we had dinner at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok's highest tower.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel has both accommodation rooms and few restaurants. There're multiple restaurants and bars in the hotel. We went to the restaurant named Crystal Grill on its 82nd floor. Dinner buffet costs about 700 baht per person- exact cost is not available on official website, derived from internet readings. (If all you want is a view, it might even be worth staying here for 2000 baht instead of buying dinner/lunch).

I was thinking we might go directly to 82nd floor in an express elevator. But reaching 82nd floor was a 3 step process. First we went to 19th floor, then another lift to 75th floor and finally 3rd lift to reach 82nd floor. 75th floor had some exhibits.

As usual, while you wait for your chance to get into the lift, you can get your photo clicked with an artificial photo of the tower in background and purchase it later. (they assume your consent, tell them and skip the queue if you don't want this).

Once there, the buffet dinner was nice. There were adequate veg options and more importantly, they did supply cool tender coconuts. Managed to have one before they ran out of stock. Softy ice cream was also on the offer.

Crystal Grill doesn't have a balcony kind of seating. Few floors below, another restaurant has few seats in the terrace, fully open.

Post dinner we went another 2 floors up, using stairs, to a revolving observation deck. A soldier with a gun was guarding the entrance that connected the revolving observation deck and the stairs. View of Bangkok city from the top was eye-catching. This place offers perfect opportunity to try time lapse, hyperlapse and other photo stunts...

This joker was entertaining the customers with his fancy lights and stuff...

Accommodation options cost about THB 2000 onwards (Top spec presidential suit costs THB 10000 approx), which is not bad if you fancy staying on top of the world.

I was little tired and lazy to record lots of videos. Hence I don't have proper footage of Baiyoke Sky Hotel and couldn't make a meaningful video. Still made an one minute video using some still photos and few videos I'd shot from the observation deck. Watch it below.

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