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October 14 Memorial: Bangkok's Jalianwala bagh

October 14 Memorial is Bangkok's equivalent of Jalianwala Bagh.

This monument is so close to other top places of tourist attraction- like Grand Palace, but regular tourists do not stop by here much, because their tourists buses won't stop here, though it is on the main road.

On October 14, 1973, close to half million people took to the streets of Bangkok against the then ruling military regime. They were protesting against the arrest of some 13 student leaders and were demanding a democratic government.

The peaceful protest reportedly turned chaotic when some military snipers from nearby rooftops fired into the crowd and killed a few students, resulting in people jumping barricades, diving into canals and trying other things to avoid being hit by bullets, creating stampede in the process. Resulting street fight between the public and police left close to a 70-80 dead and close to a thousand wounded. But as an aftermath of all the protests, the King withdrew his support for military government and democracy was eventually restored.

Sometime in 2002 a monument was built in memory of those who died in the October 14 violence. At the centre is a grey granite pillar with a spire. Names of those who died are inscribed on this.

Surrounding the pillar is a small gallery showcasing photos and textual details of the October 14 incident. There is also a museum next to this, but it took 2--4 hours to explore the museum, which I couldn't afford.

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More details about the October 14 monument can be read here and here. Democracy memorial is another monument nearby.

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