Wat Saket (Phu Khao Thong or Golden Mount), Bangkok

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Visited Wat Saket one more time during my recent Thailand visit- on the last day when we were on our own

I've already written about Wat Saket, popularly known as Golden Mount and also known as Phu Khao Thong is a small Buddhist temple on a small hill, very close to where Grand Palace and other popular temples are located in Bangkok. It is a 13th century temple with annual celebrations held in November every year.

The entry fee seemed to be same as it was 2 years ago, 20 baht.

This time I would prefer my videos do the talking. Do watch the video below to get a good walkthrough of Golden Mount temple in Bangkok, Thailand. Video covers the entrance, interiors, rooftop, scenary and almost everything there is to see at Wat Saket.


  1. I was wondering why the write up was so small and then found the magic lines which say that let the video do the talking. They sure did. :D

  2. Indeed a very special temple...and not just because of the gold but also due to the faith

  3. @AT: Thanks

    @Prasad: Yes, view is great too

  4. Your video did talk more than expected. :)

    Now I am not feeling guilty of not visiting it. :)


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