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Chamundi Hills Mysore: Early morning visit photos

Last time I wanted to go on top of Chamundi hills in BMW, the road was closed due to some celebrations. Got lucky next time. In this post I don't have lots to write. Just sharing photos of Chamundi hill, Mysore clicked early in the morning, during our visit there in July 2014.

With all the mist, it was fun. And parking lot attendant hadn't reported to duty yet, so we saved on parking fee.

View of the Main temple in Chamundi hill. Opens at about 7AM

View of a lamp post and a TV tower at a distance
View of Mysore city from Chamundi hills, with and without zoom

And how can I miss not adding few photos of the massive SUV that took us there?

More photos of Fortuner here

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  1. Looks nice. love the fog. Any place you recommend for eating here?

  2. We went in July.Monsoon and winter time, early morning,you are very likely to see fog.


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